Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Zoomii- The "Real" Online Bookstore

Zoomii 1Book-lovers should try this!
Zoomii, the "real" online bookstore (or should i call it bookshelf?) is a visual bookshelf browser for over 162,000 titles just like a real bookshelf.
Zoomii stacks books on shelves alphabetically by author & or organised by genre. By clicking, zoom in and out or dragging across Zoomii's landscape of shelves, u can enjoy book shopping like in a real bookstore!
Zoomii 2From Categories (on the left), i click on Architecture & Art.

Zoomii 3Zoom in....& click on what i saw & like.

Zoomii 4 Found myself details about the book...add to wishlist or cart.

Zoomii 5Or help yourself through search.
Go through Zoomii tutorial yourself & try it!
a+. zoomii via The Edge Financial Daily

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