Saturday, 6 September 2008

White Cave- Simple Stunning Architecture o8

White Cave 1Look at this! This could be a dream place for any urbanite...
I could imagine how those town lights flicker during night time, inviting fire flies for a dance freely throughout the urban skies...
White Cave 2

White Cave 3A site is the shape that is irregular form, White Cave is a 132.6 square metre single residence design by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier on a hill looking down at a town area.

White Cave 4The outside wall and the roof are finished like a rough concrete, and the opening is expressed to show thickness of concrete like scoop out volume. We wanted to continue the characteristic of this place such as silences of a surrounding concrete retaining wall and the ancient burial mounds park and dense trees in the building. We thought about the appearance that a hard, static concrete responded to the environment as a life scene according to a little amplitude of the volume. -Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

White Cave 5One could feel the scenery changes walking up the hill...

White Cave 6White Cave 7A huge window to capture the scene outside & bringing outside in, inside out...

White Cave 8The unpretentious used of material makes the building blend humbly with the nature.

White Cave 9If I would to have this window & the view for myself, am I asking too much for a dry zen garden out here considering the lovely nature surrounding me?

White Cave 10
White Cave 11
White Cave 12
White Cave 13Don't u just love simple interior like this. I might opt for a fluffy carpet there as I love to sit & read on the floor.

White Cave 14That's a lovely kitchen with such a wonderful view.

White Cave 15Join both table, the one inside the house & the one on the balcony, u get 1 big happy family dinner.

White Cave 16
White Cave 17
White Cave 18For the plans & elevations, click for clearer view.
a+. Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

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