Monday, 17 November 2008

Water Has Never Been So "FINE"- Packaging to die for o6

FINEFrom design point of view, the bottle is simply perfect for the distinctive yet subtle flavour of Fine. A meticulously fine product from a pristine aquifer located deep beneath the Fuji volcanic belt, which needs ten thousands years of filtering naturally through 600metres of volcanic rock for the water to attain the mineral rich, pollutant-free of Fine. It is believed that Fine water bottled today will never come in contacts of any man-made pollutants like mineral waters of much shallower springs. Warmed by geothermal heat which allow the water to maintain a constant 13 degree Celsius, Fine can absorb more minerals from its surrounding volcanic rocks.
In year 2oo5, with a goal to enrich the relationship between the people and the products they use and to encourage awareness of connection between aesthetics & products functionality, Fine asked Karim Rashid to collaborate for its first new bottle design...
Karim Rashid on Fine descriptionKarimanifesto on Fine:
I set out to design a bottle that captures the fluidity and purity of thermal artesian water. This iconic objects- inwhich the aqueous synergizes with sensual minimalism- abstactly visualizes the process of water emerging from the artesian well. All elements and materials, from the soft touch cap to the refined fluent bottle and the ergonomic curves merge into one to offer a multi-sensuous hydrating experience!
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