Monday, 20 April 2009

It's Not Starck...Not Rashid Either...

bulb & candle

Yup, the above are Bulb & Candle Lamp + Switch Chair from a young French designer, Gilles Roudot. I don't understand French & the translation given by google....hmmmm.....doesn't make much sense to me... .'p , therefore wasn't able to get much on type of materials used, how they were made and where can we buy them, but I do know they are incredible!

Gilles Roudot has been designing objects in Europe for almost ten years and he have this incredible line of work. Do check out his work on his site!

chipsterChipster, chair.

ultra cosi 1ultra cosi 2The Ultra Cosi chair.

a+. gilles roudot via josh spear

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