Monday, 4 May 2009

'Individual and Collective Experiences of Limits' by Atelier Brückner

Night view- light choreography

This is the night view of light choreography in Expo 02, Biel (CH): "VIV(R)E LES FRONTIÈRES" by Atelier Brückner which is a project of the Swiss border cantons about Bans, Limits, Tabus, Borders.

'The Swiss Border Cantons shed light collectively on borders and limits from a social, psychological, cultural and ethnic perspective. The personal crossing of borders and the individual experience of limits, the collective social impacts of issues from domestic violence to human reproductive cloning are all subjects not easy presentable by conventional means. The highly interpretive presentation at the center of the pavilion and the revolving audio cabinets provide a view into these complex experiences of limits.'
- Atelier Brückner

Prologue- labyrinthine ::pole forestPrologue- labyrinthine ::pole forest

Interior projection- introduction of the charactersInterior projection- introduction of the characters

Interior projection- domestic violenceInterior projection- domestic violence

Interior projection- invalidityInterior projection- invalidity

Interior projection- collective extensive experiencesInterior projection- collective extensive experiences

Interior projection- upside downInterior projection- upside down

a+. atelier brückner

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