Friday, 7 August 2009

Fluffizoo by Studio Vertijet

Fluffizoo 1

The Fluffizoo animals is everything fun from charming characters like Emil: the friendly elephant, Max: the proud rocking horse, Fiet: the nasty fish + Mimmi: the cute mouse which all came in vivid colors and harmonious curves. The abstract forms of Fluffizoo could help in stimulate a child imagination. With specially developed high-quality foam, Gummilack that can be easily wash and use in the garden, the very resilient and robust surface give a sensationally good touch. Do search for them from Elmar Floetotto.

Fluffizoo's characters were designed by Studio Vertijet's duo Kirsten Hoppert, who is with an interior design background and Steffen Kroll, a product and industrial design expertise. They founded Studio Vertijet in year 2ooo.
Fluffizoo 2Fluffizoo 3
a+. elmar floetotto
a+. studio vertijet

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