Friday, 30 October 2009

Designer's Fire Extinguishers from Fire Design

Fire Design 1Fire Design 2

These certainly would brighten up those fire extinguisher that used to be hidden at the corner of a space! At least it will add as a display item for mine (if we were allowed to use this designer's extinguisher from Fire Design here. Wasn't sure wether the regulation here allowed this...if no, ~sigh~).

Shown here were a new fire safety concept from Fire Design, which is unique in Europe.

'It offers a range of fire extinguishers designed for extinguishing outbreaks of fire and providing maximum protection for your family.

Once a fire starts, it can spread very quickly. This is why having a fire extinguisher to hand is essential. A Fire design extinguisher, together with a smoke detector, will help assure your and your family's security. The Fire design range also offers you a large choice of designs, so you can choose the extinguisher that best matches the decoration of your home.'
- Fire Design.

Oh and the new colors on the extinguisher itself is fire safety too! You can create your own design if you want, just check out their site.
Fire Design 3Fire Design 4Fire Design 5Fire Design 6
a+. fire design via vidafine

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Jenn from The Home Decorating Company said...

I love this idea of fashionable fire extinguishers. They are usually such an eye sore but now they can become an accessory.