Thursday, 15 April 2010

'Ming' Bamboo Glasses by Chen Chun-hao & Huang To-en

'Ming' bamboo spectacles are collaboration between a Chinese designer Chen Chun-hao & a bamboo artist Huang To-en for Yii collection. Yii is a platform conceived by Taiwan Craft Research Institute to promote ECO Arts, the contemporary value and the aesthetic of new Taiwanese craft, striving to enrich the cultural content, environmental awareness and creative industries of Taiwan. 

The 'Ming' are lightweight eyeglasses that borrow the features and silhouette of furniture
from the ming dynasty which is recognized for its elegant and minimalistic design.
They are made entirely from bamboo with a patented hinge design developed
by huang to-en.

Detail of the patented hinge designed by bamboo artist Huang To-en.

a+.  yii   via   designboom

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