Sunday, 2 May 2010

Shinichi Iwami's Tiny Paper Bicycle Model- Wooden Michaux 1864

This Tiny Paper Bicycle, the Wooden Michaux 1864 by model kit designer Shinichi Iwami would be a great gift for bike enthusiast. 25 years experience as an amateur racer has given Mr. Shinichi Iwami perfect details on bicycle which he uses to create this tiny paper bicycle model. The Wooden Michaux 1864 is part of a series he has designed named ‘micro museum’. Made with thick (0.5mm) black paper, you can build this model with just a scalpel knife, tweezers, a steady hand and glue. The set comes with lasercut parts, instructions and a lovely printed envelope. U can get this for $44 from Upon A Fold. 

Apart from Mr. Shinichi Iwami also created The Micro Wing, a model aeroplanes series modelled after historic aeroplanes and do check out the rest of his mini creation from Crop Design.

Wooden Michaux 1864
Length: 75mm

The Ordinary 1883
Length: 76mm

The Draisienne 1817
Length: 82mm

Mini bicycle 30521-01
Length: 20mm
Material: Stainless steel

Mini bicycle 30521-02
Length: 20mm
Material: Stainless steel

Above: The Micro Wing

a+.  upon a fold
a+.  crop design

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