Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Livingstones by Stephanie Marin

Livingstones, Indoor Collection 1Livingstones, Indoor Collection 2These children looks so comfortable between those stones. Livingstones by Stephanie Marin are made of 1oo% vrgin wool. The interior are made with hypoallergenic polysilicone fibre while cushions & sofas are built around a structure in foam 'Bultex' type. Thus, a comfortable product with simple maintanence.

Livingstones, Indoor Collection 3
Livingstones, Indoor Collection 4Beautiful words....
"Between pramagtism & realism.
With their odd yet natural shapes, Stephanie's projects are a link between art & interior design.
The projects revolves around our relationship to nature, to our need to find and bring
elements of Nature into our interior atmosphere.

Useful & beautiful metaphor objects for a new habitat.

The interior space become an imaginary landscape, an intimate territory of our invisible travel."

-Smarin design, Stephanie Marin.

Livingstones, Outdoor Collection 1
Livingstones, Outdoor Collection 2
Livingstones, Outdoor Collection 3a+. smarin design, stephanie marin via

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