Saturday, 13 September 2008

Sanford Burrows Collection

Sanford Burrows-Field Day Simple & clean are those 2 magical words best use to describe Sanford Burrows Bedding Collection with of course, a touch of embroidered details to bring out the elegance of these finely-crafted pieces by designer Jill Sanford Burrows. (above: 'Field Day')

Jill Sanford Burrows believes in design-driven products of lasting quality. Objects that stand the test of time. Style that endures. She thinks that our homes should be a reflection of who we are, where we've been, and what we love. That our living spaces can be sophisticated and livable all at once––a comfortable place to gather with family and friends; a refuge where staying in is as much of a treat as going out. -Sanford Burrows

Sanford Burrows-Field Day, detail 'Field day' embroidered (closed-up).

Sanford Burrows-RiverbeadSanford Burrows-Riverbead, detail 'Riverbed' (above) with yellow pebble stones embroided features close-up (below).

Sanford Burrows-StreamlineSanford Burrows-Streamline, detail 'Streamline' (above) with bluish straight & rounds embroidered feature closed-up (below).

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