Friday, 27 March 2009

Arch Avenue Living by Blauraum Architekten- Simple Stunning Architecture 11

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Located at Archery Allee 10-12, Hamburg, Arch Avenue Living design by Blauraum Architekten is a 15 unit condominiums converted from a 70's office/ parking building. Completed on December 2oo4, this materially simple architecture with a fascinating in-out facade had won several awards.

Arch Avenue Living adjacent to the triangle districts of Rotherbaum Eimsbüttel and within the vicinity of the sub-center Grindelallee. It is an attractive urban environment in a courtyard of St. Bogenstrasse.

There are 15 different types of layout with a common high ground state and 23 car parking spaces in the basement + a car elevator to apartments above.

The ground floor apartments have a side patio courtyard. The apartments in the upper floors have spacious balconies overlooking the inner courtyard and an additional arch avenue housing like a box. These special elements take on a spatial extension of kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, there is the sauna, the bath and table space. These boxes give in to the arch of the facade of each dwelling which creates their specific appearance.

All apartments have a north / east direction (arc alley) and a south / west orientation (patio courtyard) with generous sun light + uniform open floor plans.

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