Saturday, 7 November 2009

Limited Edition Paul Smith 'o9 Rhodia Pads

Limited Edition Paul Smith 'o9 Rhodia Pads 1

A fan of Rhodia pad, the famous fashion designer, Sir Paul Smith never let the small block of Rhodia leaves him. His first successful collection for Rhodia was released in 2oo5. Now,the limited edition of Paul Smith 'o9 Rhodia Pads came in 2 versions of map coated Rhodia orange and black with 4 different covers, the "Picture Frame", "Photographer", "Man Reading," and "Camera".

'I tried to draw sketches that had a sense of fun and also a relevance 
in some way to me - the drawings are simple, child like the type of 
work you would find in a sketch book. I always carry a camera with me and use it as a visual diary everyday 
along with my Rhodia notebook. They are the 2 things I am never 
without. The old fashioned camera is based on a camera my father used to use. 
He was an avid amateur photographer and especially liked to take 
photographs of still life. I am a big collector of art and photography and so the picture frame 
is very much part of my everyday life and that is why I used this 
image. A lot of people today use the internet for getting information about 
what is happening in the world and news events, but I still enjoy 
reading a newspaper with my coffee in the morning.'
- Sir Paul Smith.
Limited Edition Paul Smith 'o9 Rhodia Pads 2Limited Edition Paul Smith 'o9 Rhodia Pads 3
Limited Edition Paul Smith 'o9 Rhodia Pads 4
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