Saturday, 24 May 2008

Asian contemporary lamps

If u are going for asian design, one of these few simple contemporary lamps by Thai designers might suite u.
Moon Lamp: came in S, L & XL, is an ambience table lamp with cotton lamp shade, wood base & tropical reeds.
Designer: Laurent Bedouelle

Orient Lamp: Available in different color & various sizes, these table & pendant fixtures were handmade by stretching Thai cotton on metallic structure.
Designer: Waranya Boonwiwat

Rain Wall Lamp & The Face Wall Lamp: Like a piece of wall-art, both are made from printed Acrylic.
Designer: Narttawat Thampipit

Cheese Lamp: This cheesy number is a white earthenware ambience table lamp. Can be wall-mount.
Designer: Sorrarin Tantiwatyanont

One Man Shy: My all time favourite, is a table lamp with lighted faces & his X as the switch.'>
Designer: Propaganda

Dog Lamp: Propaganda's 2oo7 Award Winning Product.


a+. propaganda


Thursday, 22 May 2008

The House in Tenerife- Simple Stunning Architecture o1

This is what u get into the cliffs nearly 1000 ft. above a black sand beach at Tenerife, Canary Island, west coast of Africa, descending the concrete staircase entrance:
the blending of a minimalist interior against a natural surrounding backdrop of blue sky & sea.
The double-storey living is simply clean with only 2 furnitures, le Corbuiser’s chaise and Mies Van der Rohe’s Barcelona chair backing a white two-storey height book-shelves that meets a small fire space wall.
Situated at the shorter end of a L-shape layout, like all the bedrooms & bathrooms, it faces an open deck that meets a pool which spills into the nature, separated only by an almost invisible glass panels that sat on the boundry between the meeting point of the concreted interior space & the timber decking itself.
Each room has its own bath, the master bedroom enjoys an open bath in a concrete tub sitting at the foot of the timber platform bed.
Unpretencious use of timber, glass & concrete, The House in Tenerife is an extraordinary architecture of true form & function.
Below, is the timber deck that integrate the architecture into the nature.

a+. via

Crack an egg & grow a garden

Cute, precious litlle egglings. Like your usual egg, crack the top with a spoon, then water and wait with patient. Made from white porous ceramic, it came with seeds in it with 10 varities to choose from: 3 herbs (basil, mint and thyme), 3 flowers (chrysanthemum, phlox, petunia), and 4 special edition varieties (lavender, cactus, red pepper, and wild strawberry).



Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Before & after-craft

Before & after photos of my purse.

My favourite dirty pink purse looks tired & dirty definitely, therefore i decided to give her a her make-over using leftover fabric from a craft works that i n wc do. Here, my lovely blue purse.

Felt pebbles

A handful of these 100% felted merino wool's pebbles would definitely cheer-up a space. Soft and light-weighted, they are handmade in Johannesburg, South Africa, under a job creation program that offers opportunities to local community. Check-out the price at branch.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Amoeba- the simple light

I know I had posted about simple light-fixture just a few hours ago but I could not help it when i saw Amoeba from The Simple Light. It was simply irresistible! I hope that I can find something similar here ."<

a+. the simple light

Liquid lights

Liquid lights by benjamin hopf & constantin wortmann. Simple yet stunning, adding charm to your place!

a+. constantin wortmann

Minimal magazine rack

Ringo, simple yet scuptural is a free standing magazine rack while Ring Rings are wall-mounted one. Suitable to replace those that we have in cafes, for small unclutter reading area? Design by Black+Blum via

a+. hidden art shop

Monday, 19 May 2008

Reflections on my grandmother

Romolo Stanco showed pieces from Nonesiste collection in Zona Tortona’s Nhow Hotel.
Reflections on my grandmother: a simple glass table from new technologies + decorative baroque lace.

Killthequeen: a mirror that focuses on continuos geometric lines.

Quelcheresta: a light-fixture that shows, "what remains" after the lamp-shape removed.
Gulp & DinDon: are chairs after the jump via



Concrete art

Conceptualize: a decorative-embelish touch on minimalist approach, from a 3d design & visualization studio, Transparent House.
"It turns out the line between the virtual and the real is becoming as fine as an acid-etched pixel." brian fichtner via


Dazzling contemporary hand-weaved alpaca rugs

"Fiber of the kings"- smoother than silk, finer than cashmere, stronger than mohair...... is what that inspires È bella designer Nicole Linton working closely with Peruvian weavers in the high Andes to produce these dazzling rugs that combines trational skills & contemporary design. Using only alpaca or alpaca mixed with merino wool, her work indicates clear-cut forms & lush texture.
È bella's pillows collection of loopy alpaca or wool.

a+. È bella designs


Recycled bottle coat rack

Don't Wine, Just Hang Up Your Coat! another innovative recycling idea from and for everyday household product. This can be a stunning feature on wall too!

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Sunday, 18 May 2008

Flip table

With space conscious & flexible furniture on demand, Flip Furniture presents Flip Table: a 2-in-1 coffee & dining table. Now, u can have 1 space 2 functions.