Monday, 12 January 2009

Black+Sexy, Alex & Chloe's BLACK DIAMONDS Collection

Alex & Chloe's Ring & NecklaceDiamonds are girl's best friend...
regardless, they came with gold, silver, white or simply BLACK.

I'm in love...with these BLACK diamonds ring & necklace.'> Both are from Alex & Chloe's 'Black Diamonds' Collection. Among their wide range of accessories collection, i simply love those rare black ones!
Alex & Chloe's Necklace 1"LARGE BOW" pendant in Oxidized Silver on an Oxidized Silver chain. From the 'From Our Neck Of The Woods ' Collection.

Alex & Chloe's Necklace 2"CHLOE'S SKELETON KEY" pendant from 'Basic Objects' Collection.

Alex & Chloe's Ring 1"BAHAUS RING" with 5mm wide band in Oxidized Silver with a Single Inverted White Diamonds. From the 'Black Diamonds' Collection.

Alex & Chloe's Ring 2"STUD SOLITAIRE- DIAMOND RING" from the 'Black Diamonds' Collection. Inverted Single White Diamond Ring with 5mm wide band in Oxidized Silver.

Alex & Chloe's Necklace 3"SPIKE- DIAMOND INVERSE" pendant from the 'Black Diamonds' Collection in Oxidized Silver with Inverted White Diamond on an Oxidized Silver chain.

Alex & Chloe's Necklace 4'DO NOT SAY NO' pendant from 'Black Diamonds' Collection.
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