Sunday, 3 August 2008

Serenity of Green T House

Green T House 1A lonesome bicycle is waiting against the rough white wall... recalling the day where his master push him through those sea of white sand without leaving any trace n dissappear through the broad clean steps...but still he was hoping that one day, one day his master will come back n fetch him...
Green T House in Beijing, China with a branch in Hong Kong is a dining place with a combination of traditional n contemporary design.
Green T House 2 I was wandering what is in there? but i love the Chinese name for the place & the way they remind u of it...
Green T House 3Unpretencious used of material with simple form approach have given this humble place a kind of serenity that certainly a place to relax n dine.

Green T House 4 Zen garden...pause n clear your thoughts here.

Green T House 5 The broad mindful-steps that leads u to it's interior.

Green T House 6 The ceiling that full with branches with a low-console.

Green T House 7Green T House 8A clean simple interior for a calm dining experience to begin with.
a+. GREEN T HOUSE , 紫云轩 via