Saturday, 21 June 2008

Inspired by nature- Amuneal Manufacturing Corp's ICFF booth installation

booth 1OMG! This is beautiful! An ICFF's installation booth by Amuneal Manufacturing Corp's.
“Inspired from a scene from nature, our in-house graphic designer created a striking motif for the walls of the installation. We then “wrapped” it around a digital 3D model, which generated the laser cutting files required to connect over 3,000 square feet of aluminum. Once fabricated, each lightweight panel received a hand-patinaed finish to contrast the exacting accuracy of the cut pattern. The custom made teak architectural elements, including 14’ tall x 7’ wide entry portals and windows that featured over 30 scale models of recently completed projects, established the strength of the structure.” - Amuneal Manufacturing Corp’s
card-holderTake a look at their business card holders where the birds popped out and bent as you pleased. I might pick-up the card + holder as well.'>
booth 2The equally lovely interior of the booth.
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Friday, 20 June 2008

BMW GINA Light Visionary Model

BMW presents GINA...a fascinating design flexibility with BMW's design chief , Chris Bangle vision of owner shaping their own car in the future.
BMW GINA headlights off.

BMW GINA headlights on. I love this... It is as though as this car is alive...somehow makes me recalled Knight Rider.

BMW GINA door closed.

BMW GINA door open. Ewww....phew, this is the scarriest part because it feels like somebody stretching my skin!

Checked out more car details
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Blue 15.06.2008 Reaching out with graphic by Lessons in Loneliness (LIL)...

Started 5 months ago, LIL is a year long project where we follow Blue, a person struggling with depression and alcoholism. LIL's aim is to expose the everyday thought processes a person struggling with mental illness and addiction may experience - to create empathy or understanding for those dealing with similar issues. -LIL
Blue 01.04.2008Blue 01.01.2008

The moral of BLUE story: "Living in misery is just a huge waste of time and energy, so live a happy life because we all deserve it!" .'>

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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Hotel Azúcar, Veracruz-Must Visit Boutique Hotel o2

Open-air library 1Open-air library ...*reading & day dreaming*...i want to be here...

Along Mexico´s Costa Esmeralda, near the small community of Monte Gordo, Veracruz, lies Azucar, an intimate white-walled minimalist retreat that blends perfectly with its natural lush tropical surroundings. Deemed “Tropical-Ranchero style” by the team of noted Mexican architects that designed its spaces, Azucar tips its hat to the local sugar industry but also pays tribute to the people of Veracruz — colorful, cheerful “Jarochos,” devoutly traditional and passionate about their music, culture and history.-Mexico Boutique Hotels.
Open-air library 2 The open-air library that i love.'>

Bedroom 1Bedroom 2 The white bedrooms...

Outdoor shower cubicles The outdoor shower cubicles.

The pool Cheerful color of “Jarochos” beside the pool or beach palapas .

BungalowsPath leading to 20 spacious, casual & sensual bungalows with private terrace, lounging area & hammock is designed for complete intimacy. They are named after the numerous sugar mills in this area a private terrace with lounging area and hammock and is designed for complete intimacy.

The meditation areaThe meditation area.
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I.V. slef watering plant pot

I.V. 1For the forgetful & lazy gardener, just like me.'>
I.V. 2By Vitamin, Medical drip feed for plants. This is to make sure plants get nourished with water and food as it is required living with forgetful people like me. hehe...
Check out Vitamin's X-tray & Tab 'B'.
X-tray. A set of 5 ceramic pots that could be arrange into an "X" shape or in a straight line or in an "L" shape. Suitable for growing herbs, plants or wheatgrass.
Tab 'B'Tab B is a combination of an ashtray & a plant pot where the pot sits on top of the ashtray.
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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Morphogenesis Chaise

black & white Morphogenesis ChaiseStructural rocking!

Fully digitalized & computer aided design, this rocking chair by designer Timothy Schreiber is an after result of intensive research on natural structural system & microstructures.


Lace fence

Lace fence 1Lovely! Preventing crime with art...

Described by Siebe Thissen as an `public artwork related to security’, Lace Fence designed by Judith de Graauw from Demakersvan are for MAMA (showroom for Media & Moving Art) in Rotterdam. This patch of embroided wire were manually produce in a factory in Bangalore, India set up by Demakersvan.

Lace fence 2 a+. demakersvan via


Monday, 16 June 2008

"Nature" Lights from Studio Tord Boontje

Studio Tord Boontje, founded in 1996 by Tord Boontje himself. He believes that modernism does not mean minimalism, contemporary does not forsake tradition & technology does not abandon people & senses. Recently named designer of the year by the Design Museum and Elle Decoration UK, he borrows inspiration from nature & created designs that temper edges with softness by applying decor of form & layers to bring out observers' imagination & emotions. Light works from Studio Tord Boontje:
Garland Table LampGarland Table Lamp. Come with silver plated steel or brass finish. U can decorate to your own specifications with the Garland which comes flat-packed with assembly directions and lamp operates on a touch sensitive switch.
2nd Shadow2nd Shadow. Turns your room into a fairytales settings with fancifully painted natural images on a Mylar interior that projected through stretched gauze filters, filling your room with intricate patterns.

Shadow LightShadow Light. Made from acetate sheet, coloured photographic gel, this pendant halogen light projects different multi colored images on the surrounding walls.

Garland LightGarland Light. Laser cut on stainless steel & brass. Award winning design for best light as well as the Metropolitan Home readers' choice award for Futuristic classics. Also available in 1000 units of limited edition 24K gold plated. Each comes in an elegant dark walnut display box signed by designer Tord Boontje.

Midsummer LightMidsummer Light. They are laser cut Tyvek paper, polypropylene coned diffuser.
Check-out his other products
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Barok'n'roll Wallpaper

Barok'n'roll Wallpaper Hehe....cute! It looks like any embellishment wallpaper but wait a minute, (thanks to notcot .'> for pausing me) there's something jumping out here n there from the repeating rings' pattern...
it's a submarine, something skull n octopus like, a naughty boy dangling from the embellish pattern, a man on a horse, radar transmitting something, a vase or perhaps an owl?, a whale, planets in the universe, a rain deer crossing rainbows, a man showing of his strength while something cute laughing at him while a seahorse with his nose stuck, 2 skulls or a face? etc. Maybe, u can discover more through Emil Kozak's site.'> Have fun!
a+. Emil Kozak's Barok'n'roll Wallpaper for WallCollection

Sunday, 15 June 2008


I simply love the clear straight forward design look!
The Swank collection is conventional without being boring, contemporary without being edgy, and unique without being eccentric. -3Rings
Swank 1

Swank 2Swank 3a+. 3rings

Pinggiran Bayou-Fiabci International Prix d’Excellence Award 2008 (best residential category)

Pinggiran Bayou is Leisure Farm pioneering series of gated houses in Johor & was recently award the prestigious Fiabci International Prix d’Excellence Award 2008 (best residential category) for developer, in an awards ceremony in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Phew, it took my breath away just to anounce that! .'>
Y.architects, the creative brains behind the village that comprises 213 cluster homes, including bungalows, semi-detached houses and courtyard villas, together with Ronn Yong, general manager of Mulpha International, the developer of Leisure Farm designed a cluster of tropical houses with each employing well tested techniques to screen the sun and rain while at the same time provide cross ventilation. Inspired by fishing village on the east coast of Malaysia, Marang Terengganu, the homes that follow the natural contours of the long & narrow 18-acre parkland is built on stilts overlooking a canal.
Pinggiran Bayou,The canal waterways

The canal waterways act as water catchment areas to collect surface run off and prevent soil erosion. The edges of the canals are reinforced with a shallow end, one metre wide, to create a safety bench.

Pinggiran Bayou,gated communityA gated community with 24-hours patrolled.

Pinggiran Bayou,SeraiSerai, the resident's club house has an infinity-edge swimming pool with outdoor cabanas.

Pinggiran Bayou,interior 1Modern tropical interior with large windows and deep overhangs allow cooling breezes to enter the homes.

Pinggiran Bayou, interior 2 Interior with subtle-tones.

Pinggiran Bayou,Deep cantilevered balconyDeep cantilevered balconies overlooking the canal.


Benjamin Hubert design

They are from benjamin hubert studio with adorable names. Simply nice n cute, wouldn't u think so?

Dandilight Floor lampDandilight Floor lamp.
Made from resin cast shade with aluminium stand.

EPP PolynestEPP Polynest
These are expanded polypropylene hanging birdhouse with twig perch.

EPP Hug Plant potsEPP Hug Plant pots
Using the same material as EPP Polynest, they are plant pots with insulating 'hugging' aesthetic.

Yumbrella bowlsYumbrella bowls
Yummy ceramic fruit bowl with integrated banana tree.


I miss tastespotting

Click for a clearer view.
I'm so so dissapointed when i saw thissssssssssssss.'<




Lapdawg 1Lapdawg 2Lapdawg 3Lapdawg 4 A table that u can eat, sleep, play + do work with.'> For $130, you can use it as a Lap Desk, Bed Desk, Bed Tray, Laptop Stand, TV Tray, Strength Showcase, Writing Desk, Bed Tray...

Lapdawg detail
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