Friday, 1 August 2008

Stephanie Levy's Art

Hi2! Sorry for the MIA...busy with work...argh! seems like i miz alot!
Stephanie Levy's Art 1 I love Stephanie's work! It's very ID-like with absolutely innovatively colorful art. I just love interior visualisation presentation that works as an art-piece too!
These are the few that i love most!
Stephanie Levy's Art 2
Stephanie Levy's Art 3

Stephanie Levy's Art 4
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Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Monday, 28 July 2008

I love iberry? or it's webpage illustration?

iberry 1 It's so dainty! I can't help it...
I remeber seeing it in U Magazine...then i forget, then i think i saw it in some food blog (i can't recall which, sorry! i'll mention it here once i stumble upon it again!) but i forgotten about it again, finally i bump into iberry's website.....and i fall in love with it!iberry 2iberry 3iberry 4iberry 5
Iberry a chic word with a cute accent is the name of the first local premium ice cream store in Thailand. iberry is a compound word derived from “i” which stands for ice cream and “berry” that are small berries. Putting it together, iberry means ice cream and berries.
Established in 1999 by two siblings, Wiwat and Atchara Burarak; Khun Koi and Khun Pla who aim to create high quality ice cream that suit to the zest and zeal of modern Thais’ lifestyle. Their very first humble ice cream shop is in Soi Sukhumvit 24 & soon starts growing into 16 branches of iberry shops around the shopping area - Siam Square Soi 2, Siam Paragon (G floor), Market Place (Thong Lor), President Park (Sukumvit 24), The Emporium (5th Floor), Esplanade (M floor), The Avenue (Changwattana), La Villa (Soi Aree), Piyarom Place (Sukumvit 101), Major Ratchayothin (2nd floor), Central Festival (Phuket), and Nimanhemin Soi 17 (Chiang Mai).
Iberry offers various fruit flavor ice cream from all over the world exspecially their 100% Thai Fruit flavor ice cream is the induplicable charm of iberry which is as exotic and as natural as real fruits themselves in a way that their tastes are directly derived from natural ingredients which are varied by sources of fruits, types of breeds, and stages of ripeness.
Iberry-Market Place Thonglor 1The facade of Iberry shop at Market Place Thonglor, soi 4.
Iberry-Market Place Thonglor 2 The cosy interior of Iberry's Market Place branch.

Iberry-Siam Square The 'green-look' of Iberry at Siam Square, soi 2.

Iberry-Major Ratchayothin 1Major Ratchayothin's Iberry branch.
Iberry-Major Ratchayothin 2 I love the feature wall & the selection of material here (Major Ratchayothin)!
(Mental note: Must go when visit Thai again, so i can take more pictures.'>)
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Sunday, 27 July 2008


Evolution I was thinking of Lego... .'>
Theories are divided on this, but I tend to favour the idea that there was once just molten plastic and from that a single block emerged and then multiplied. This design looks to fill in the blanks and interpret the evolution of this modern upright figure. -Glennz
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Beijing Taxi Cards-Traveling Made Easy

Beijing Taxi CardsFinally, the super saver for non-chinese speaking tourist to Beijing!
With 2oo8 Olympic around the corner & of the nearly 70,000 Beijing Taxi drivers, few speak any English at all; Beijing Taxi Cards make this communication possible and even fun.

Beijing Taxi Cards, user guidesSee how easy it works? .'> Make sure u grab this with 7 others languages to help u navigate yourself when u are in Beijing.
Taxi Cards' details...
Beijing Taxi Cards product details 1
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