Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Farewell Chapel in Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Farewell Chapel 1The Farewell Chapel 2
Completed in year 2oo9, the Farewell Chapel in a village close to Ljubljana, Slovenia is located next an existing graveyard. With polished concrete, larch wood and glass as main materials, the chapel which cut into the rising landscape follows the lines of the landscape trajectories around the graveyard.

The cross as catholic sign is featured as laying feature positioned on the rooftop above the main farewell space. It also functions as luminous dynamic element across the space during the daytime and lighting spark at a night time.
The Farewell Chapel 3The Farewell Chapel 4
'Three curved walls are embracing and dividing the programs. External curve is dividing the surrounding hill from chapel plateau and also reinstates main supporting wall. Services such as storages, wardrobe restrooms and kitchenette are on the inner side along the wall. Internal curve is embracing main farewell space. It is partly glazed and it is opening towards outside plateau for summer gatherings. Roof is following its own curvature and forming external porch.'
-Ofis Architect.
The Farewell Chapel 5The Farewell Chapel 6The Farewell Chapel 7The Farewell Chapel 8
The Farewell Chapel 9The Farewell Chapel 10The Farewell Chapel 11The Farewell Chapel 12The Farewell Chapel 13
The Farewell Chapel 14The Farewell Chapel 15
The Farewell Chapel 16The Farewell Chapel 17a+. ofis architect via

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Spirit Candle from Wrapables

Spirit Candle 1
The Spirit Candle from Wrapables embodies the strength, companionship, self expression and power of the human spirit.
The bronze sculpture hidden inside this pristine white wax candle was formed by a lost-wax casting process. As you burn the candle, the statue will emerge from its surroundings.
Whether you’re overcoming one of life’s struggles or celebrating a joyous milestone, let the Spirit Candle be a source of inspiration and ever-present hope. Available in Embrace, Dance and Rejoice. Each sold separately. Burn time 45 hours.
Spirit Candle 2
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