Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nilufer Tea Set- Inspired by Waterlilies

nilufer tea set 1Designed by Sait Alanyali & inspired by the beauty of waterlilies.

Nilufer Tea Set from Sait Alanyali on Vimeo.

"Problems with the spoon `escaping` under the glass everytime we take the glass from the plate forced us to seek a solution. By putting these chrome finish waterlily petals on top of the glass leaf, the problem was solved and some new functions were created. Like, the petals are closed by the weight of glass and now there is a place for the spoon to rest. The spoon design is inspired by the stamen of the flower. The crystal-cut waterlily petals on the glass is a finishing touch to complete the concept of the set."
-Sait Alanyali.
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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Hotel de la Paix, Siem Reap- Must Visit Boutique Hotel o6

hotel de la paix's facade"It´s hip combination of art deco and traditional Khmer design, will inspire and excite you.
It´s romantic and luxurious Spa Indochine, will relax and revive you, whilst
it´s eco-tourism projects and community support, will motivate and move you."
- Hotel de la Paix, Siem Reap.

Its white & blocky faux art-deco architecture calmly stands out among the roadside tuk-tuks & dusty road. The main reason i love this place so much is because of the khmer-touch apsara figurine which complement the art-deco interior upon entering the hotel lobby. The entrance-sala stands-out so bold in a way yet beautifully soft in another...
Design by Bangkok-based, architect and landscape architect, Bill Bensley, Hotel de la Paix is located on Sivutha Boulevard, in the heart of Siem Reap, Cambodia, which is within easy walking distance of the nightlife and colorful markets, and a few kilometres from the famous temple complexes of Angkor Wat.
"It is a calm oasis in an urban streetscape with fire gardens, water features and a three-storey spa pavilion." -Small Luxury Hotel.

"The focal point of the Hotel de la Paix is the central courtyard swimming pool and water garden, a stunning and sedate public space. The hotel’s 107 rooms ring the courtyard, and the pricier suites have garden terraces of their own, some including outdoor baths. Other rooms face outward, overlooking Siem Reap’s street life — inside, though, even these rooms are quiet and still, little Art Deco temples in black and white.

An excellent Khmer restaurant and the three-story Spa Indochine make the Hotel de la Paix something of a self-contained hospitality experience. It’s far from the only game in town, however — there’s plenty to see (and to eat) on the streets of the city, and of course just a few miles up the road is a certain ancient temple site you may have heard a bit about." -Tablet Hotels.

hotel de la paix architectureThe art-deco exterior during night time.

hotel de la paix courtyardThe hotel dinning area + swing bed on the side colonnade, facing the big old ficus and pink frangipani of the courtyard.

hotel de la paix gardenThe garden.

hotel de la paix spa 1
hotel de la paix spa 2Hotel de la Paix famous 3-storey spa-pavilion, the Indochine spa...

hotel de la paix, deluxe suiteSpacious & with high luxury, the Deluxe Suites let you overview the bustling Siem Reap city life while giving you a stylish and cozy home.

hotel de la paix, deluxe guestroomThe Deluxe Guestrooms is either with a view onto the city of Siem Reap or with a view overseeing the courtyard gardens of the hotel.

hotel de la paix, pool suiteThe Pool Suite is one of the most exclusive offerings here with lots of indoors space as well as outdoors. Enjoy your private pool deck and modern interior design with a Khmer twist.

hotel de la paix, art loungeHotel de la Paix's art lounge.

cafe de la paixCafe de la Paix open from 17:30 until 23:00, offers numerous international specialties such as baguettes, sandwiches, paninis & salad.

hotel de la paix, function roomThe function room.

The architect:
“My philosophy on design has always been Lebih gila, lebih baik, which in Indonesian means the more odd, the better.”
-Bangkok-based architect and landscape architect Bill Bensley.

"My work tends to be characterised by being eclectic, baroque, maximalist. No one ever accused me of being minimalist. And I certainly do not take myself too seriously, I like to bring humour to the landscape."
-Bill Bensley, He Said She Said.

Raised in Southern California and educated at Harvard, he oversees a 45-member firm that specializes in exotic luxury resorts. He first came in asia in 1984, following his mentor, master architect Mathar 'Lek' Bunnag who shared his class in Harvard. After his attempt to work alongside with Bunnag at the National, University of Singapore failed, he work at Belt Collins, an american landscape architecture firm before starting Bensley Studio in Bangkok in 1989, starting with a small garage space with Bunnag. They work together for the next 13 years.
Although Bensley worked as a landscape architect for 20 years before discovering his talent for architecture, he believes that distinctions between disciplines are largely immaterial.
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