Friday, 13 March 2009

3 Things That I Would Like to Have from Mike and Maaike

Juxtaposed: religion bookshelf 1Juxtaposed: religion bookshelf 2I'm eye-ing Mike and Maaike's design for my future study.'> and there's these 3 things that I would really like to have...

The first thing that I would like to have from Mike & Maaike is the Juxtaposed: religion bookshelf for their client Blankblank. In limited edition of 50 from reclaimed hardwood, this true to form + function bookshelf came in 36" W x 5" H x 8" D.

5,084,000,000 people, 5,360 pages, 3,700 years, 243 countries, 7 books, and 1 shelf. For the first time, the world's most influential religious texts are brought together and presented on the same level, their coexistence acknowledged and celebrated.
Mike and Maaike is an industrial design studio. A unique collaboration between Maaike Evers, a Dutch & Mike Simonian, a Californian. They take an experimental approach to design, creating progressive ideas and unexpected solutions for products, furniture, wearables, environments, and vehicles. Maaike Evers is Dutch, Mike Simonian, Californian.Juxtaposed: religion bookshelf 3Juxtaposed: religion bookshelf 4Juxtaposed: religion bookshelf 5

soft laptop accessories 1soft laptop accessories 2soft laptop accessories 3The next thing that on my list is Mike & Maaike soft laptop computer accessories designed for home user. These I think, most of you would love it! .'>

Most laptop cases & accessories are designed for the business traveller but Mike and Maaike's design for Belkin focused on challenges on using laptop at home in a variety of locations and postures which include protection, transportation, comfortability and color for home user.

Mute Chair 1Mute Chair 2Mute Chair 3The third one that i would like to have is The Mute Chair that Mike and Maaike designed for Council. The Mute Chair reflecting its name is designed to represent serenity and calm.

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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation

Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 1Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 2

Using a small scissors, France-based, Japanese artist Hina aoyama works intricately on her paper-cutting subject. Check-out the rest of her fine art work!

Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 3Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 4
Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 5Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 6Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 7
Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 8Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 9
Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 10Hina aoyama Lace-cut Creation 11a+. hina aoyama via via
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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Giddy Up, Child-size Replica of Eero Aarnio Pony Chair

Giddy Up
Another Giddy Up chair after Tim Wigmore's Giddyup Rocking stool? Yup, but this time Giddy Up from Little Nest is a child-sized replica of the 1973 Pony chair by Eero Aarnio which is constructed from a molded fiberglass shell + comfortably padded and covered with a textured wool-blend fabric in gorgeous shades of green or orange. This delightful chair is surprisingly comfortable and can be appreciated by everyone in the household. Price: $699 Australian Dollar, in 1100 x 550 x 760mm (W x D x H).

Little Nest is an Australian owned furniture company that focuses on creating stylish, fun and functional furnishings for children.

Our debut range of child sized replica furniture respectfully pays tribute to 20th century modern classic furniture designs, which are true icons in the contemporary design world. We are inspired by innovative design, technology and fresh ideas.

Check-out the rest of Little Nest product.

The YolkThe Yolk, child-sized replica of the 1958 Egg Chair by Arne Jacobsen. Price: $599 Australian Dollar, in 610 x590 x 730mm (W x D x H).

Mini-eMini-e, child-sized replica of the 1956 Eames lounge and ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames. Price: $949 Australian Dollar, in 630 x660 x 630mm (W x D x H).

Little BertLittle Bert, replica of the 1952 Bertoia Child's Chair by Harry Bertoia. Price: $99 Australian Dollar, in 345 x 330 x 520mm (W x D x H).

The CygnetThe Cygnet, child-sized replica of the 1958 Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen. Price: $449 Australian Dollar, in 540 x 500 x 520mm (W x D x H).

The MadridThe Madrid, child-sized replica of the 1927 Barcelona Chair by Mies van der Rohe. Price: $449 Australian Dollar, in 530 x 540 x 560mm (W x D x H).

Le ClubLe Club, child-sized replica of the 1928 LC2 chair by Le Corbusier. Price: $449 Australian Dollar, in 580 x 520 x 540mm (W x D x H).

Play BallPlay Ball, child-sized replica of the 1963 Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio. Price: $699 Australian Dollar, in 760 x 540 x 950mm (W x D x H).
a+. little nest via
a+. tim wigmore's upcycled giddy up stool