Friday, 25 July 2008

Oreo, Milk's Favourite Cookie!

Oreo, Milk's Favourite CookieAn elevator advertising of Oreo, Milk's Favourite Cookie & mine too! .'>
Watch more on how the cookie was dunk into the glass of milk!

The traditional dunk of an Oreo cookie into a glass of milk was dramatized with the use of a panoramic elevator in a shopping mall. This attention-grabbing use of new media gave us one more way to show that Oreo is milk’s favorite cookie. -I Believe in Adv

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, New York, USA
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Kids Mirror from Aviary Decor

Kids Mirror 1How cute! .'> Silhouettes of playful child. Your children would definitely love this!
Kids Mirror design by Cindy-Lee Davies, the designer behind Melbourne-based design house Lightly. The "I Spy" series captures the whimsy of childhood discoveries as it plays on your wall with these mirrors. Encompassing the most perfect acts of childhood and freezing them. Rediscover yourself in this image or rediscover your childlike wonder. Specify Small( to find) or Large(to dance, to wear, to climb).
Kids Mirror 2Kids Mirror 3Kids Mirror 4Kids Mirror 5Check it out
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Zoomii- The "Real" Online Bookstore

Zoomii 1Book-lovers should try this!
Zoomii, the "real" online bookstore (or should i call it bookshelf?) is a visual bookshelf browser for over 162,000 titles just like a real bookshelf.
Zoomii stacks books on shelves alphabetically by author & or organised by genre. By clicking, zoom in and out or dragging across Zoomii's landscape of shelves, u can enjoy book shopping like in a real bookstore!
Zoomii 2From Categories (on the left), i click on Architecture & Art.

Zoomii 3Zoom in....& click on what i saw & like.

Zoomii 4 Found myself details about the book...add to wishlist or cart.

Zoomii 5Or help yourself through search.
Go through Zoomii tutorial yourself & try it!
a+. zoomii via The Edge Financial Daily

Postcard I May Send -by Andre Jordan

Postcard I May Send 1AwOOOOooo... .'>
'Postcard I May Send' from A Beautiful Revolution.
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