Friday, 17 April 2009

Marc Praquin's Iced Vodka- Packaging to Die for 10

I falled for the iciness of this vodka bottle...the 'iced' word given + the icy bottle appearance looks so mysteriously could one resist...

Initially designed for fancy clubs in Paris by Marc Praquin, the icy prototype ended up not being produced because of cost factors. What a waste...~sigh~

a+. marc praquin via packaging uqam

Daniel Loves Objects of Wars & Wits & Powers

Wars & Wits & Powers 1Wars & Wits & Powers 2Wars & Wits & Powers 3
The industrial designer behind Daniel Loves Objects' bookshelf of Wars & Wits & Powers, who resides in Singapore gets inspired by the things that happens around him.

'On his approached towards ideation of a concept, he tries to inject some form of interactive factor into it so that the user will have a form of remembrance when he relates with the product, a kind of reminiscence that will perhaps strike up some joy and relationship when a connection is made.

He is always ready to be inspired from and aspired for the many objects that sit around us, knowing that
design could always transform a certain mundane individual, allowing it to exude a form of language that will speak to the surrounding environment, expressing a form of finesse between human, object and technology.'
-Daniel Loves Objects.

On Wars & Wits & Powers:
Driven by the recent crisis of certain countries who got very uptight over issues of being asked to disarm their missile test launched, their alarming action to remain hostile and persistent in their belief had stirred me to create this part of a furniture combination to depict their behavioral trait, a bookshelf with their golden army, strategically placed underneath, to uphold and to protect their ultimate plans,frozen in time for all to see.
Wars & Wits & Powers 4Wars & Wits & Powers 5
Wars & Wits & Powers 6Wars & Wits & Powers 7Wars & Wits & Powers 8a+. daniel loves objects via yatzer

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Kolumba Art Museum- Simple Stunning Architecture 15

Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 1Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 2Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 3
'A secret garden, stone ruins, a uniquely dense archaeological site'are the most impressive symbol of "Kolumba" in Cologne’s city centre, Germany which almost completely ruin during World War II.
Intended to be a place for reflection, Kolumba Art Museum designed by Peter Zumthor, year 2oo9 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate 'transfers sum of the existing fragments into one complete building, thus the new building becomes a part of the architectural continuum.

With warm grey bricks the new massive building unite with the tuffs, basalt and bricks of the ruins which makes it looks as if the new building develops seamlessly from the old remains whilst respecting it in every detail. The architect, Peter Zumthor has amazingly restores the lost core of one of the once most beautiful parts of Cologne’s city centre.'
- World Architecture News.

"The program of the building is a combination of a small church, an archeological site and a museum. The chapel has its own entrance from the street and is build on the inner foundations of the church that once stood here. The other foundations are on display inside and integrated in the exterior wall. In the wall the old structure functions as ornament, similar to the ornamental Kraanspoor building in Amsterdam and the ornamental Caixa Forum in Madrid.

A second entrance provides access to the museum. From the entrance hall there is a big double door and a small stairway leading upstairs. The doors open onto the dark space of the archeological site, for which almost the entire ground floor is reserved. The stairs lead to two stories of traditional museum space.

Behind the double doors a vast space opens up. As a visitor your movement is restrained to a zigzagging boardwalk. The light that comes through the brick screens give the space an almost sacred ‘aura’. In combination with the high position of the screens and the vertigo effect provided by the slender columns, it feels like a far echo of the architecture found in some large Gothic churches or cathedrals. Whereas the boardwalk triggers you to look at the foundations here on display, the architecture around recreates the atmosphere of the construction that once stood on these foundations. Peter Zumthor brought the spirit of this place back to life."

"After this space the upper two floors make perfect sense. The exhibition shows pieces found in the excavation of the church below. This is however freshly combined with modern (religious) art.

The layout of the exhibition is structured by a snaking open gallery space, on which some smaller rooms open up to. Fascinatingly a cut runs all the way around the floor of the main gallery. The floors of the adjacent rooms are a little higher.

The idea of the cave is elaborated in the materialization of the space. All surfaces in the exhibition space are solid – like it is carved from a piece of rock. Furthermore all floors, walls and ceilings are waving a little - questioning the idea of the flat surface and thereby questioning the definition of the space itself. With all surfaces waving, the space itself starts to shiver. Surreal."
- Eikongraphia.
Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 4Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 5Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 6Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 7Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 8
Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 9Kolumba Art Museum Exterior 10

Kolumba Art Museum Interior 1Kolumba Art Museum Interior 2Kolumba Art Museum Interior 3Kolumba Art Museum Interior 4Kolumba Art Museum Interior 5
Kolumba Art Museum Interior 6Kolumba Art Museum Interior 7Kolumba Art Museum Interior 8Kolumba Art Museum Interior 9Kolumba Art Museum Interior 10Kolumba Art Museum Interior 11Kolumba Art Museum Interior 12a+. world architecture news
a+. eikongraphia
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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Wendell Castle Collection That I Love

Abilene Rocking ChairAbilene Rocking Chair, 2oo8 is a sleek-looking S-shape stainless steel chair which came in 30 1/2 x 52 x 30" sizes.

Seneca Hall Table SilverSeneca Hall Table GoldSeneca Hall Table, year 2oo8 Collection in limited edition of 8 is made from gilded fibreglass either in silver or gold leaves. They came in 132.1cmH x 100.6cmL x 68.6cmW.

Harper Egg ChairHarper Egg Chair, 2oo8 is a polychromed fibreglass chair in 33 1/2"H x 64"W x 41"D.

Low DownLow Down is made from polychromed fibreglass which came in 17"H x 32"W x 51"L.

UlyssesUlysses is a stainless steel plated collection in the size of 14.5" x 35" x 25".

Night on EarthNight on Earth is a 2oo7 production from stainless steel with 40"H x 74 1/2"L x 30 3/4"W in size.

Osborne Coffee TableOsborne Coffee Table, 2oo8 made from polychromed fibreglass which came in size 18 3/4"H x 54"W x 19"D.

Check out the rest of Wendell Castle Collection
a+. wendell castle studio
a+. cwg design
a+. barry friedman ltd. via likecool via freshbump

Crochet's Wonders from Marcel Wanders

crochet light 1crochet light 2
Love this! So intricately delicate! Crochet Light is a personal editions from Marcel Wanders like the rest of his Crochet's edition (the famous limited edition Crochet Chair) with crochet + epoxy for Via MIlano, 2oo7.

the crochet chair
The Crochet Chair was designed for the Smart Deco project, presented by Droog Design and Barry Friedman Ltd. at Art Basel Miami in 2oo6. The Crochet Chair is produced in limited edition of 2o pieces which is sold out.

crochet table
Crochet Table designed in year 2oo1 using cotton + epoxy in square & rectangular, 30 x 30 x 30cm & 30 x 60 x 30cm in size. Produce & distribute by Moooi.

a+. marcel wanders
a+. via milano
a+. droog
a+. moooi via the design llama

Monday, 13 April 2009

'See You' Concrete Gravestone Design

See You 1See You 2When I look into the surface of the water,
I can see the sky.
I see the clouds running,
and I see the wind that blows through the trees,
I see the bird, the sun, the moon, the stars.
When I look into the surface of the water
I see the sign I understand.
When I look into the surface of the water
I can see you in it standing there facing me..
and I wonder.
When I look into the surface of the water
I can see then if you’re not there..
When I look into the surface of the water
I can see the world.
I see this world maybe,
but different,
I see it maybe the same way,
it’s just another world.
When I stoop closer to see it better..
I catch sight of myself.
- See You Project's Inspiration.
See You 3See You 4See You 5See You 6See You 7
Design by designers Akos Maurer Klimes and Peter Kucsera, 'See You' is a headstone made out of poured concrete. The collaboration between the young team and hungarian concrete producer, Ivanka is making its debut in milan embracing this solemn affair, showing an exhibition of spiritual design for and after our life.

'Design, that regards for the phenomena of nature to be involved creates an intaraction, and the look of the object changes in time. The water in it reflects the outer world, the mossing gives a beautiful appearance even if nobody cares. The tomb is not only a connection of the departed and the bereaved, but help families in togetherness.'
- See You Project.

a+. see you project
a+. ivanka via laudesign