Saturday, 12 July 2008

Manga Inspired Plastic Raincoat

Plastic Raincoat by Gene HO 1
I don't own a raincoat, I will buy cheap plastic one from 7-eleven before i go travel each time. I don't fancy in having & keeping one BUT I WOULD DEFINITELY LOVE TO KEEP THIS! .'>
Taking his inspiration from anime, manga and girls in kimonos, Gene Ho adds a touch of something unexpected to an everyday plastic raincoat.
“Anime and manga have always been my guiding light to all my illustrations. Bold and fine clean lines with soft colors as finishing. I’ve also always been captivated by the kimono in its many forms. The delicacy and beauty of a girl in kimono comes to mind and a sense of serenity flows with it. And I place the girl in different scenarios I have in mind. I like to see my illustrations fused with my surroundings. From furniture to fabrics and products. I name all my girls because I think they should each have their own character and emotions.”
-Culture Push
Plastic Raincoat by Gene HO 2
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Friday, 11 July 2008

Leaf Chapel-Simple Stunning Architecture o6

Leaf Chapel 1I present u...The Leaf Chapel!
The intricacy of lace pattern motifs with it's stunning reflection on water looks unbelievable!
I've seen this before... today, again after a long time via...
Design by Klein Dytham Architecture in 2oo4, Leaf Chapel sits within the grounds of the Risonare hotel resort in Kobuchizawa, a refreshingly green setting with beautiful views to the southern Japanese Alps, Yatsugatuke peaks and Mt.Fuji.
Leaf Chapel 2The chapel is formed by 2 leaves - one glass, one steel - which have seemingly fluttered to the ground. The glass leaf with its delicate lace pattern motif emulates a pergola and the structure holding it up reminds one of the veins of a leaf which slowly become thinner the further they get from the central stem.

Leaf Chapel 3The white steel leaf, perforated with 4700 holes, each of which hold an acrylic lens, is similar to bride's veil made of delicate lace. Light filters through the lenses and projects a lace pattern onto the white fabric inside.

Leaf Chapel 4At the end of the ceremony when the groom lifts the bride’s veil for the legendary kiss the ‘steel veil’ magically opens too, revealing the pond and the enchanting nature beyond.

Leaf Chapel 5 The wedding chapel of your dream, perhaps?

Leaf Chapel 6Leaf Chapel 7Details & reflections.
a+. Klein Dytham Architecture

Coach desert sofa

Coach desert sofa 1This is sooooo Karim Rashid! Love it! The from & mostly the bold color cushion!
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Monday, 7 July 2008

Buy Me CD-Rack

Buy Me CD-RackSmart creative design.'> A bar-code CD-rack, anyone?

Design by Marian LaššákMaterial, it is made from steel plate finishing with white powder-coating. The bar code structure, a symbol of selling is used as a space for storing Cds.Buy Me CD-Rack, dimension
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Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition'

Model, Huang Xiao Ming for Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition'All red from Gucci for Olympic 2oo8!
Gucci is pleased to announce the creation of a special collection, "8-8-2008 Limited Edition”. Creative Director Frida Giannini has came out with only 8, bold red exclusive accessories that epitomize sporty luxury. 8 because it's the lucky number 8 in Chinese culture & red evokes "Happiness" and "Celebration" - two emotions that couldn't be more appropriate to describe the excitement in the world of sports - but it also happens to be a very fashionable color for 2008!
I-Gucci watchThe I-Gucci watch, Gucci's first ever digital timepiece.
I-Gucci watch, the only '8-8-2008 Limited Edition' that will be offered worldwide, all other designs of this special collection will be sold exclusively in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition' unique bicycleThe Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition' unique bicycle, with bold red double GG leather detail.

Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition',La Pelle Guccissima, a 2-piece luggageThe bold "La Pelle Guccissima". A 2-piece luggage, one chic, sturdy leather duffel and a soft leather messenger bag with Gucci's iconic green-red-green web on the shoulder strap.

Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition' sports shoesGucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition' sports shoes, in fresh patchwork of suede, patent leather and gold trim for both men & women.
Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition' luxurious Mah Jong setA perfect gift of luxurious Mah Jong set covered in red "La Pelle Guccissima".

Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition' smilling panda + casual necklaceA smilling panda in soft leather, to pay homage to China & a casual necklace inspired by military tags, in sterling silver and enamel.
Check out the Gucci '8-8-2008 Limited Edition' campaign.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

House in Iporanga- Simple Stunning Architecture o5

House in Iporanga 1With warm Cumaru wood paneling exterior, House in Iporanga is an architect's residence in the middle of the forest. “I always wanted a house in the middle of the forest, in a place where I could relax and recharge my energy”, says Arthur, from Arthur Casas.

The house is in the form of two large simple, symmetrical cubes embracing an open space. As describes, 'the absence of partitions amplifies the house’s integration with its surroundings and adds grandeur to the minimalist living area. A large terrace borders the house, functioning as a belvedere to observe the surrounding untouched Atlantic Rain Forest, and a partition between natural and constructed. Stepping down, the infinity edged pool seems to pour out into the thick vegetation.'

House in Iporanga 2 An architect hide-out. A place for inspiration.

House in Iporanga 3House in Iporanga 4House in Iporanga 5Open center space with 11m floor to ceiling glass windows that brings nature to the interiors & vice versa.

House in Iporanga 6House in Iporanga 7 The terrace. Stepping down, the infinity edged pool seems to pour out into the thick vegetation.

House in Iporanga 8House in Iporanga 9House in Iporanga 10Sleek, utilitarian and functional the kitchen table extends from the hob like a white diving board into the main living area. It’s mimicked by an outdoor table linked to the BBQ on the shaded side of the deck.

House in Iporanga 11House in Iporanga 12 The living room that hidden from summer sun.

House in Iporanga 13An ultra thin profile catwalk from the left guest bedroom + private living room to the right master bedroom with en suite.

House in Iporanga 14House in Iporanga 15House in Iporanga 16House in Iporanga 17The architect office with views.

House in Iporanga 18 A peek into the bathroom.

House in Iporanga, Ground floor plan

Ground floor layout.

House in Iporanga, First floor planFirst Floor Layout.

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