Tuesday, 13 July 2010

American Express 'Play Doh" from Jose Ortiz


Natl.tv creates this believable claymation look entirely in CG for American Express.

Design Studio: National Television
Creative Director: Chris Dooley & Brumby Boylston
Technical Director: Kevin Walker
Research & Development: Jose Ortiz
3D Artist: Kevin Walker, Jose Ortiz, John Nguyen, Diffan Norman, Hai Ho & Grace Lee
2D Artist: Wonhee Lee & Brumby Boylston
Compositor: Jose Ortiz
Producer: Zack Wakefield

About Jose Ortiz:
Jose Ortiz is a technical director and 3D Maya artist.  With his finely tuned design aesthetic and technical talent, Ortiz executes projects with creative precision from concept to completion. Through his seamless compositing skills, Ortiz delivers compelling animation.
His advanced animation skill and production expertise has become highly influential in the success of major motion pictures, network television and advertising campaigns. Recognized for his animated commercials: American Express, Honda, Jack Daniels and L'Oreal and his film title sequences: I, Robot, Mission Impossible III and War of the Worlds, Ortiz has an extensive list of clients that include Warner Brothers, Paramount Studios, Dreamworks, Disney, and 20th Century Fox.
Ortiz was discovered by the award winning studio Picture Mill where he worked as lead animator for 5 years before becoming a freelance artist and director in the motion graphic industry.

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