Saturday, 14 June 2008

Normal timepieces by Ross McBride

Normal timepieces 1
I heart people who think outside the circle too! .'>
NOT so normal huh? Check out the watches below. I'm considering to wear watch again...
Normal timepieces 2
Normal timepieces 3Normal timepieces 4

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Planar House- Simple Stunning Architecture o4

Planar House 1I was stunned by THIS! via materialicious & still am. Did u see how the light try to escape squeezing through unsymetrical holes on the perforated sheet & in between gaps of the wall?
Planar House (United States, 2002-2005) design by steven holl architects as simply describe by materialicious is from tilt-up concrete walls and Cor-Ten steel panels. It was meant to house a large contemporary art collection of Great 20th century works by Bruce Nauman, Robert Ryman, Jeff Koons and Jannis Kounellis which includes important video artworks.
Planar House 2Planar House 3Planar House 4Planar House 5Planar House 6Planar House 7Planar House 8Planar House 9'Even where Holl used glass, he played hide-and-seek games, placing perforated sheets of Cor-Ten steel in front of the main entrance. - As the lady of the house explains, 'The house is a vessel for the collection, and it's also become part of the collection''.-Fred Bernstein, The New York Times T: Design Magazine, June, 2007

The architect's sketch that worth mention.'>
Planar House 10

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2-D lamp design- another space saving lamp

Lamp Chop Light 1Lamp Chop Light 2 Named Lamp Chop Light (makes me think of "lamb-chop"), designer Jeth Koh laser cut it into a foldable lamp from a single sheet of metal. Cool... It can be wall-mount or stand-alone fixture. Maybe Lamp Chop want to meet Tall and Tiny...

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Friday, 13 June 2008

WB&CO juice -Packaging to die for o2

WB&CO juice 1WB&CO juice 2
I love the packaging! before i knew that it is healthy & organic. Wild Bunch & Co. created a range 0f 100% organic fresh vegetable juices as a nutrition supplement for today hectic lifestyles. BUT i hate that u canot buy the glass bottles from their Organic Shot Bar .'<
WB&CO juice 3
WB&Co. Organic Shot Bar 1WB&Co. Organic Shot Bar 2The WB&Co. Organic Shot Bar at Holland Villange Shopping Mall, Singapore.

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Ikea Instructions

Ikea Instructions hehe...

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Thursday, 12 June 2008

Thirtyfour design collection

Oh, I love these...
Thirtyfour collection 1Thirtyfour collection 2Thirtyfour collection 3Thirtyfour collection 4Thirtyfour collection 5Simple & clean, ThirtyFour is a design-driven collections of practical bags and accessories that’s gaining momentum among fashion insiders. Founded by cousins Linda who is trained in industrial design and design management at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design in Britain & Shuenn Kee, a metal-smithing graduate of the renowned Parson’s School of Design in New York. Playing different roles, Shuenn Kee is the product designer while Linda handles the production stage but they work on product development together. Currently being sold only in Malaysia & Singapore, they planned to expand into Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, and New York in the United States later this year. U can find ThirtyFour collection at their Bangsar workshop & at 2201 Fashion Avenue at The Gardens, MidValley City in Kuala Lumpur. Read more...

Pillows sofa

Pillows sofa 1Pillows sofa 2Pillows sofa 3 Oh, so many pillows! A cool way to have your sofa & pillows all together.'>

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quotes of the day

- Marilyn vos Savant, American writer(Known for Guinness Records highest IQ) via Read more...


Need inspiration?
Designer: Erin Loechner, Design For Man Kind.

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Triobike: a fuel hike solution, perhaps?

Triobike 1Triobike 2Because of fuel hike in Malaysia I think should consider selling off my car for this.'>

Triobike-comboIt’s a normal bicycle that could be convert into a pedal-powered cargo hauler, which could also safely transport 2 children, to a maximum weight of 80 kg (176 lbs). U can separate the two without using any specialised tools to have a perfectly functional bike and a classy push carrier. Cool huh? The price? $2,450 USD + u don't have to worry about petrol price. The best part: they are celebrities choice, where England “influential mums” like Jools Oliver own and rave about their trios, while TV chef husband, chef Jamie uses them for local deliveries for his philanthropic Fifteen restaurant. -G Living

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Funky 3D recycled wallpaper tiles

ripple paper form, redripple paper form, blueflow paper formWouldn't u fall-in-love with this? Such a vibrant color & those 3d pattern would definitely create a room focal point. Want to know the fun part? U can create your own pattern variation by rotating the tiles or painting them in your favorite color. Cool huh? U can choose to temporarily install the lightweight recycled modules with double stick tape or permanently with wallpaper paste.
The designer: Jaime Salm. A product from MIO Culture, a Philadelphia-based design company founded by the designer, Jamie himself & his brother Isaac. U can check-out their other beautiful, sustainable & affordable product design too.


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Nassim Park Residences

I've always love simple clear detail. Therefore, stunningly simple architecture that respects nature will always have my attention and the creators/ architects/ designers of such amazing work are those who i look up for.
Nassim Park Residences nestled in the heart of Singapore’s most desirable neighbourhood is an unique collaboration between three internationally acclaimed creative minds: Singapore-based architect Chan Soo Khian, Japanese landscape architect Shunmyo Masuno, and French interior designer Christian Liaigre. Thus, this newly launch luxury condominium which consists of only four-bedrooms and penthouse apartments is believe to be designed in harmony and with respect of all things...Nassim Park Residences 1Nassim Park Residences 2Nassim Park Residences 3Nassim Park Residences 4Nassim Park Residences 5Nassim Park Residences 6Nassim Park Residences 7Nassim Park Residences 8Nassim Park Residences 9
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Lunuganga- branch bookshelf

Lunuganga 1
Branch bookshelf anyone? The piece is a response to the culture shock experience in a flooded, jungley environment Wok suddenly thrown into when they went to work in Sri Lanka. We took the image of partially submerged trees and translated it into shelves that have both thequalities of the overgrown lake that surrounded us and the quietness ofEuropean furniture.-Wok
Lunuganga 2Lunuganga 3Lunuganga 4
a+. via swissmiss via likecool