Thursday, 19 March 2009

Mayuhana by Toyo Ito

Mayuhana 1
The yarn of fiberglass and resin, forms a cocoon-like form for this delicate MAYUHANA light-fixture. The soft-light that spread through the cocoon-like form creates a more attractive space ever. The Mayuhana was designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito for Yamagiwa, a Japanese lighting specialist.

'This series was created by reeling string around a mold the way thread is spun off a cocoon. The softness of the light reminiscent of a traditional Japanese portable paper lantern (Bon-bori) is enhanced by the light coming through the double and triple shelters, and brings to mind the image of light depicted in Junichiro Tanizaki’s “In Praise of Shadows” (In-ei Raisan).'
- Toyo Ito.

Mayuhana 2Mayuhana 3a+. yamagiwa via plusmood

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

8oo For Eats' Mochi Packaging- Packaging to die for o9

800 for eats mochi packaging 1
800 for eats mochi packaging 2
The wabi-sabi of this mochi (japanese rice cake) packaging capture my heart...

I’ve always been a firm believer that first and foremost we eat with our eyes.
- Johny, Spoon & Tamago.

8oo for eats which emphasizes good design combined with local foods and how they relate to each other, is a tie-up between the Designshop, self-described food director Fumie Okamura, and graphic designer Shunichi Miki (designer of this award winning mochi packaging, The FY 2008 Good Design Award).

800 for eats fragrant tea kettle and REMONGURASUTI
Rice brand "800 FOR EATS" sells this fragrant tea kettle and REMONGURASUTI which is made in Takeo, Saga and Tanada REMONGURASUTI at an altitude of 5o2m.

800 for eats REMONGURASUTIREMONGURASUTI, the lemongrass tea is a pesticide-free product. It gave a relaxing effect on mind and body + helps digestion. With a net weight of 45g, it came in 20.5 x 4.5 x 4cm height.

800 for eats fragant tea kettleThe fragant tea kettle is a green-tea product which is pesticide-free too. The packaging which have a net weight of 80g, came in 20.5 x 4.5 x 4cm height.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Thousand Apologies

I'd really like to apologize to all for the unloaded images! I did not realise that it exceeded the photobucket's bandwith. I'm sorry for the inconvenient cause & i will try to fix it before end of the day.

Monday, 16 March 2009

Ryuji Nakamura's Hechima 4 Chair

Hechima 4 aHechima 4 bMade from paper(vulcanized fibre t2.4) and designed by Ryuji Nakamura, a Tokyo-based architect, Hechima 4 looks light + airy for a chair yet it is a comfortably strong, judging from the way the model relax herself on it. The chair came in 900 x 900 x 750 (W x D x H). Hechima 4s were featured in Ryuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 on year 2oo8 too!
Hechima 4 cHechima 4 dHechima 4 eHechima 4 fHechima 4 gHechima 4 hHechima 4 details.

Ryuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 aRyuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 bRyuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 cRyuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 dYear 2oo8, Ryuji Nakamura Exhibition 2.

Hechima 4 iHechima 4 jThe Hechima.

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