Saturday, 6 September 2008

White Cave- Simple Stunning Architecture o8

White Cave 1Look at this! This could be a dream place for any urbanite...
I could imagine how those town lights flicker during night time, inviting fire flies for a dance freely throughout the urban skies...
White Cave 2
White Cave 3A site is the shape that is irregular form, White Cave is a 132.6 square metre single residence design by Takao Shiotsuka Atelier on a hill looking down at a town area.

White Cave 4The outside wall and the roof are finished like a rough concrete, and the opening is expressed to show thickness of concrete like scoop out volume. We wanted to continue the characteristic of this place such as silences of a surrounding concrete retaining wall and the ancient burial mounds park and dense trees in the building. We thought about the appearance that a hard, static concrete responded to the environment as a life scene according to a little amplitude of the volume. -Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

White Cave 5One could feel the scenery changes walking up the hill...

White Cave 6White Cave 7A huge window to capture the scene outside & bringing outside in, inside out...

White Cave 8The unpretentious used of material makes the building blend humbly with the nature.

White Cave 9If I would to have this window & the view for myself, am I asking too much for a dry zen garden out here considering the lovely nature surrounding me?

White Cave 10
White Cave 11
White Cave 12
White Cave 13Don't u just love simple interior like this. I might opt for a fluffy carpet there as I love to sit & read on the floor.

White Cave 14That's a lovely kitchen with such a wonderful view.

White Cave 15Join both table, the one inside the house & the one on the balcony, u get 1 big happy family dinner.

White Cave 16
White Cave 17
White Cave 18For the plans & elevations, click for clearer view.
a+. Takao Shiotsuka Atelier

Friday, 5 September 2008

Wasara- Paper ware for Spiritual Enrichment

Wasara 1This is not the kind of normal paper tableware that u normally found on the supper-market alleys. Holding a plate in one's hands, its form, texture, and ease of use make the heart skip...
Underlying theWASARA concept is the legacy of the Japanese aesthetic and value sense. Japan has a tradition of good manufacturing backed by excellent skills and techniques, one of the most refined food cultures in the world, and spirit of hospitality and courtes. These are essential for days of spiritual fulfilment.-Wasara

Wasara 2Using reed pulp & bagasse (sugarcane waste) for its material, Wasara is designed to minimized the environmental burden while offering consumer ease of use.

Wasara 3Wasara 4Wasara paper tableware inheritates the Japanese spirit of form simplicity, artifice and aesthetic.

Wasara 5
Wasara 6
Wasara 7
Wasara 8
Wasara 9
Wasara 10a+. wasara via

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

The Mini Hotel, Bangkok- Hip Budget Hotel I Heart o2

the mini hotel, thonglorThis nice simple blue signage is in the cozy area of Thonglor, Bangkok. The Mini Hotel provides simply clean rooms that came in S, M, L-sizes & non-smoking rooms in the 4th floor etc. with unlimited wireless internet connection for guest.

S-room 1
S-room 2
S-room 3
S-room 4S-size room with cozy single bed + a practical wardrobe + an attach bathroom.

M-room 1
M-room 2
M-room 3The M-size room came with 2-single bed + same facilities as the S-size one.

L-room 1
L-room 2
L-room 3U might opt for this larger room with queen-size bed + wardrobe + attach bathroom.
a+. theMiniHotel

Mini Labo- Design in Paris

Hi2! I'm very very sorry for my MIA. Been very busy, without connection etc...
I just hope that these cuties with soft-round eyes i found through Design in Paris (a chinese translated book) i brought recently during a trip to Kinokuniya, KLCC + many more will make up for u guys!
Le Lapin d'AvrilLe Lapin d'Avril by paris designers Caroline Diaz & Celine Heno together with Sophie their friend, collegues, they created Mini Labo around 5 years ago & found themself huge followers of japanese fans who brought these paris' cuties to Japan.
Le Lapin d'Avril in pairThey look so lovely together!

Le Lapin d'avril CotonLe Lapin d'avril Coton.

Cat-like's Le Chat souritCat-like's Le Chat sourit.

Cat-like's Le Chat sourit close-upI love the cat smile, how could i resist...
Other products from Mini Labo.
Other products from Mini Labo1
Other products from Mini Labo2

Other products from Mini Labo3
Other products from Mini Labo4Check them out!
a+. minilabo