Saturday, 31 May 2008

here in my home

Yes, malaysian! Thanks pete for bringing us together! TQ malaysian artists for your utmost courage! I "heart" u malaysia!

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(p/s: i want to eat the guava....*drooling*....but please do not replace the fruits photos, i love em.'>)

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Friday, 30 May 2008

Turn "on" your wallpaper

light-emitting wallpaper-5 U want light, switch "on" your wall paper!
With Jonas Samson's high-tech light-emitting wallpaper it's possible to use a two-dimentional flat surface as light source instead of a 3D object. It came in 240cm x 360cm size, for your wall not your side table of course.'>
light-emitting wallpaper-1

Equation bookshelf

Equation bookshelf
Can't decide which book to read first?
'Equation Bookshelf' is a simple idea of to divide things in priority order...put together the books that you need immediately or more important between (parentheses)! Set others between [square brackets] and {braces}.-estudio breder.

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The Dharma Lounge

The Dharma Lounge, frontThe Dharma Lounge,mainlgThe Dharma Lounge,side & backMindfulness?
"Stand Forget Breathe Acknowledge Observe"
Interesting design by Palette Industry, using laser cutters is a start to make these typographic efforts relatively easy to produce in furniture industry.

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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Rontonton Lamps

rontonton lampsrontonton lamp These are meticulously gorgeous! Design by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet for Italian brand Moroso via

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Lap pool house-Simple Stunning Architecture o2

Shaw House,lap pool Forgive me for calling it a Lap Pool House, but from this point of view, wouldn't u too have the urge to jump into the pool? (captivating moment by Benjamin Benschneider)
Shaw House by Patkau Architects, is an award winning design from American Institute of Architects National Honor Award 2oo5, Governor General’s Medal 2oo4 & Record House Selection 2002.
Built on a narrow 1o metres wide & 47 deep waterfront properties, because of setback requirements, the architect was left with only 8 metres wide space with the consideration of living areas, bedroom, study, music room, and a lap pool for a single individual. The pool was built above grade along with other private areas, bedroom & study. Living spaces on grade & music room was built below grade. "Small spaces are enlarged with generous ceiling heights, while the fully interiorized dining room rises through the floor above to a clerestory that brings both daylight and light reflected from the lap pool deep into the central area of the plan."-Patkau Architects
Shaw House, view & lap poolOn the left: the site looking across English Bay to the North Shore mountains which dominate the skyline of Vancouver.
Right: the pool.

Shaw House, living spaces
On grade living spaces of seating lounge & rised dining area etc.

Shaw House, staircase from music room & glass railings for private areas Staircase from music room view towards staircase leading to private areas.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Rompibollo Chocolate

Rompibollo Chocolate 1
Rompibollo Chocolate 2With all the calories counts on top of it, eating this might lead me feeling guilty orrrrrr...... maybe not! After all, i'm A CHOCO-ADDICT.'p

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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Yoga Loft

yoga loft, oversized mirror
yoga loft, livingyoga loft, staircaseyoga loft, bedroomyoga loft, wardrobe & bathroomI can't help noticing the white cleanliness of this loft!
It looks so open, spacious & peacefully calm. The profusely applied of oversized mirror, vaulted ceiling, transparent & semi-transparent materials such as glass & sheer fabric facilitate light flow & ventilation. "But the balance, illumination and austerity it reflects may be reasons why it is called Yoga loft!-design flute
Design by David G. Blanco and William Jurberg

Lamp from matejewski

These are works from french designer Matejewski. Do u think these & Fiela Light (from my previous post) by Haldane Martin look alike? via zuy response

Plume-suspension-boule-blanLamp: Plume-suspension-boule-blan

NostosLamp: Nostos.

plumeslampadaire-noir-blanc, plumes-lampe-rose, plume-bonne-femmerosLamp: from left, plumeslampadaire-noir-blanc, plumes-lampe-rose, plume-bonne-femmeros

Below are some of Matejewski other designs.Dentelle
Lamp: Dentelle

CapucineLamp: Capucine

Tinmal Accessories: Tinmal

NepasFurniture: Nepas

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Fiela feather arc light

Fiela feather arc light
The beautiful soft white feathers that looks like protecting the spherical diffuser are from Oudtshoorn, South Africa, an ostrict farming district.
The light is named after Dalene Mathee book, "Fiela se Kind", written originally in Afrikaans & later translated into not only English (Fiela's Child") but other languages too.
Words from the designer:
"The Fiela Feather Arc Light has been designed to bring light & angelic ambience to exactly where you need it most- the center of your social dining and living room space"-Haldane Martin.
Like the climax of the story where the child finally being able to choose to return to his adopted family, Fiela Light would be a warm focus point in a space itself.

Feature project using Fiela Light:

Fiela feather arc light in House Fresnaye
House Fresnaye. Cape Town, 2oo7. Interior design by Haldane Martin & Epoxy Jane.

Fiela feather arc light in PhakalanePhakalane. Cape Town, 2oo8. Architect Mano Calos & interior designer Claudia Rauber.

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Monday, 26 May 2008

Splash Lounge

Looks like those women just fell into a huge sea of milk that created those beautiful splashes. Splash Lounge, design by Michael L. Wendel inspired by water splashes.
splash lounge, dive in by Michael L. Wendel
splash lounge by Michael L. Wendel

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A true story

"We appear to live in times of abundant misinformation, or let's say, misunderstanding. Yet, to give a rose and to receive a rose is communication from the heart to the heart. No misinterpretation. This rose doesn't talk. But it does say a lot."-John Pouw, the father of the TRUE. rose. Worlds most elegant & durable rose.
TRUE.roseTRUE.rose in TRUE presentation deviceTRUE. rose presentation device by Tjeps The presentation device design by Tjeps for TRUE introduction in NY in summer 2007, brings out TRUE lasting beauty.

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huminodun by Yee I-Lann"Malaysian’s work of art fetches RM117,000 at Christie’s" The Star, Monday 26 May 2008, under Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary Art. One of Yee I-Lann's "Kinabalu series, Huminodun explores the eroded spiritual power of a Kadazandusun woman and her shifting relationship to her land.
"Huminodun, (the word itself means "the sacrifice") refers to daughter of Kinoingan, the almighty God and creator with his wife Suminundu who sacrifice herself to save the Kadazandusuns community from hunger." Wikipedia

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Sunday, 25 May 2008

DIY reusable wall stickers & wall art

U can now decorate & change your own kids' room, nursery or play room in just 3 simple steps: peel, stick & smooth with Wallcandy Dottilicious, Candy Factory, Transport & many more Wallcandy Arts. It is easily remove, reposition & reinstall numerous times on completely dry wall, wallpaper, textured & finished wood surfaces. Using your imagination & creativity, u can have different wall design anytime u want. There's option for teens & adults too.
Check out for different design & idea.
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I wanted to call it snake chair too!

Antidiva Micama Chair. Just like, I wanted to call it snake chair too! Look at how it coil & stretches! Priced at £3,500.10 (sale price) at Essential Interiors, it came only in black leather outer cover but u can have the removable covering in either fabric or leather and the cushion is filled in polistirene mixed with waterlilly via