Thursday, 22 April 2010

Goodbye Detergent- The Original Spaghetti Scrub

These spaghetti is not edible! It is a scrub for your kitchen need actually. The Spaghetti Scrub by Goodbye Detergent, a brand new line of environmentally friendly scrubs for home is made with recycled corn cobs (the yellow one) and peach pits (the red one)

'No detergent is needed for general cleaning but a tiny dab of soap can be used if tackling heavy grease. Keep in mind that a little dab can go a long way because these scrubs will stay very soapy and the peach and corn abrasives are effective on their own.

Spaghetti Scrubs last for months and because of their unique shape, they’re pliable enough for trickier cleaning jobs and tight spots such as corners, whisks, and behind faucets. The best part is they dry quickly and completely so there’s never a stinky or moldy sponge in your sink. After you’re done cleaning, just rinse them, and hang on the faucet to dry.'
- Goodbye Detergent.

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Ascension, a 45-foot Tall Crane for Coachella Music and Arts Festival

This gigantic origami-look-alike crane is Ascension, a 45ft. tall crane with a 150ft. wingspan. An installation by Crimson Collective, an L.A.-based group of artists, architects, and designers for the 3 days' Coachella Music and Arts Festival on last weekend, Ascension has been made to provide shade from the searing desert sun during the day, and light up to provide an unmissable meeting place at night. Ascension entire structure is made to be dismantled and shipped in a 40ft. shipping container too.

'Strung from the crane's aluminum tubing is 80% mesh texilene sunshade material to protect weary festival-goers, but the sun will not shine in vain: On either side of the bird are solar energy collectors which will help to provide its ambient, colored lighting at night.'
- Fast Company.
Words from Crimson Collective:
An ancient japanese legend promised that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes (千羽鸖 SENBAZURU)with intention will be granted a wish in return. 

The Crimson Collective's inaugural project, ASCENSION, is an extension of this idea. The giant white origami crane stands as the sum of its parts or a grand manifestation of collective intention. Symbolically, visitors will become part of the living art installation. Thousands of visitors will pass below the structure and seek shelter under the crane's giant wings, like thousands of origami cranes themselves. The experience, like the string in a Senbazuru will inexorably connect each visitor to the next.

Crafted from soaring planes of white fabric and a modular aluminium and tension wire skeleton that will be debuted at the 2010 Coachella Music and Arts Festival, the giant creature serves as a living art installation. On one hand, it is a beacon, a shelter, and a destination for visitors. Metaphorically, the giant crane carries a universal message of peace. Poised to take flight, it is a symbol of hope and prelude to ASCENSION through awareness and understanding.
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