Saturday, 13 September 2008

Sanford Burrows Collection

Sanford Burrows-Field Day Simple & clean are those 2 magical words best use to describe Sanford Burrows Bedding Collection with of course, a touch of embroidered details to bring out the elegance of these finely-crafted pieces by designer Jill Sanford Burrows. (above: 'Field Day')

Jill Sanford Burrows believes in design-driven products of lasting quality. Objects that stand the test of time. Style that endures. She thinks that our homes should be a reflection of who we are, where we've been, and what we love. That our living spaces can be sophisticated and livable all at once––a comfortable place to gather with family and friends; a refuge where staying in is as much of a treat as going out. -Sanford Burrows

Sanford Burrows-Field Day, detail 'Field day' embroidered (closed-up).

Sanford Burrows-RiverbeadSanford Burrows-Riverbead, detail 'Riverbed' (above) with yellow pebble stones embroided features close-up (below).

Sanford Burrows-StreamlineSanford Burrows-Streamline, detail 'Streamline' (above) with bluish straight & rounds embroidered feature closed-up (below).

Do check-out their product details
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Friday, 12 September 2008

"Bedtime Stories" by SEMdesign

bedtime stories
Now, besides counting sheep, mommy can have their own "bedtime stories" too for sleepless night. Pretty cool huh? Ur own blanket that not only keep u warm but keep u reading on insomnia nights. Oh! Did i mention that it came in flips of pages too? Yeah, just like a book.

Check-out SEMdesign's "take your time", there's 300 riddles for a table-cloth to shake-off the silence on dinner table. U'll love it!
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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Tea Forte- Packaging to die for o4

Tea Forte 1
This is a tea infuser packaging. I simply love the tall polyhedral shape with a cute tiny leaf on top!
Tea Forté from designer Peter Hewitt. A pleasing combination of geometric and organic: tall polyhedral infuser packs, each with a disarmingly natural-looking leaf/sprout tag. Although the tall pyramidal shape is not a polyhedron, the individual tea-bag/infusers do pack together in a variety of sculpturally intriguing ways.
Tea Forte 2

Tea Forte 3
Tea Forte 4
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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Livingstones by Stephanie Marin

Livingstones, Indoor Collection 1Livingstones, Indoor Collection 2These children looks so comfortable between those stones. Livingstones by Stephanie Marin are made of 1oo% vrgin wool. The interior are made with hypoallergenic polysilicone fibre while cushions & sofas are built around a structure in foam 'Bultex' type. Thus, a comfortable product with simple maintanence.

Livingstones, Indoor Collection 3
Livingstones, Indoor Collection 4Beautiful words....
"Between pramagtism & realism.
With their odd yet natural shapes, Stephanie's projects are a link between art & interior design.
The projects revolves around our relationship to nature, to our need to find and bring
elements of Nature into our interior atmosphere.

Useful & beautiful metaphor objects for a new habitat.

The interior space become an imaginary landscape, an intimate territory of our invisible travel."

-Smarin design, Stephanie Marin.

Livingstones, Outdoor Collection 1
Livingstones, Outdoor Collection 2
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Air Bear

hehe.....very2 cute dog! here, doggie...good doggie.... .'P
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