Saturday, 8 November 2008

Sea-Urchin from Studio OOOMS

Sea-Urchin 1It looks exactly like a sea-urchin! No, it isn't the small, globular, spiny sea creatures found in oceans all over the world, it is a lounge chair with RVS-frame which is cover by 8ooo cable-ties.Sea-Urchin 2A collection of handmade products by Studio OOOMS. "With a lot of patience we’ll be rewarded with beautiful new structures, which can only emerge by fervent monkish work."

Wooden USB Stick 1U might recognize theseeeee...... OOOMS's famous Wooden USB Stick
Wooden USB Stick 2"USB memory sticks are always nice to have around when transferring files from computer to computer. These sticks from studio OOOMS are made to stand out from their natural environment of computers and offices. The sticks are picked from the woods and are individually selected for their natural beauty, and then professionally handmade into unique and personal USB memory sticks."

Schizo VaseAnother product that i love is this Schizo Vase which gets its name from Schizophrenia, a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality.
"This vase by Studio OOOMS has two faces. Because of the ribbed surface the silhouet of two different shapes can be seen. Is the one shape more real than the other? "
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Thursday, 6 November 2008

'Green Earth' Competition Results

green earth-greening by ji yoon yanggreen earth-greening by ji yoon yanggreen earth-greening by ji yoon yangHey, I love this! These are pop-up cards 'Greening", by ji yoon Yang from Korea.

By writing your name in the blank & stamping your fingerprint above the branches represent the promise upon eco-friendly behaviors & the execution of the phrase can save the tree (the nature).

No wonder it won the first prize in the recently announced Green Earth design competition which are co organize by Designboom, DA design association japan and TOBU DEPARTMENT STORE.

Words by ji yoon Yang:
"Environment movement such as the action to combat desertification is often pictured as difficult and huge thing to do, but actually the start is derived from the small practices of people. This fact is going to be expressed symbolically through this greenish fingerprint. You and me, including all the small practices of everybody and promises save the trees and further, the earth. The action of stamping the greenish fingerprint on the card has two meanings. First, it is the promise of real action toward the phrase on the card (eco-friendly behavior) ※ Examples of eco-friendly behaviors I[ ] will use mugs rather than paper cups. I[ ] will take public transportation if possible. I[ ] will use reusable bag when I go grocery shopping. I[ ] will stop using disposable chopsticks. *blank will be filled with person’s name. Second, the image of the tree which is completed by stamping the fingerprint represents that the promise and the execution of the phrase can save the tree (the nature). The completed pop-up card will play a role as reminding eco-friendly behavior in people’s daily lives as well as a design piece with decorative purpose."

Competition theme:
green earth
create a graphic artwork that illustrates the environmental protection and how human beings and nature could coexist in a greener world.

give the gift of a greener world at christmas. create a graphic artwork that will make this festive time of the year a moment to consider what we can do to help our planet's survival. you can use iconic christmas motifs in your design for example reindeers, trees, etc.

green earth-recycle at christmas by benjamyn cox + lloyd moffat2nd prize winner: 'Recycle at Xmas' by Benjamyn Cox + Lloyd Moffat from UK.
"The graphic has been designed as a Christmas themed recycling symbol and will promote awareness on recycling and sustainable materials. It can also be used to greater effect on broader applications and really be celebrated as a mark, for example, on Christmas cards, wrapping paper and so on."

green earth- plain cloud by glen baghurst + matthew cullin3rd prize: 'Plain Cloud' by glen baghurst + matthew cullin from australia.
(I myself prefer this, with the blue black ground rather than the black one.'>)
"This project was undertaken during traveling Europe I found that air-travel was so cheap and I was basically clocking up numerous miles as well as carbon units, I want to play the idea of CO2 emissions in plains and bring awareness that these are flying clouds of potentially deadly gas."

green earth- santa's readjustment by camila gimenoThis one is cute! 'Santa's Readjustment' by camila gimeno from chile.
I love how she end her design explanation!
"Christmas can be a beautiful time for us, but a really hard one for environment, considering the massive increase of energy and material consume. Its time to act, and nothing better to start by home, little changes can bring huge benefits. ...Even Santa did some readjustment! "
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