Friday, 18 December 2009

Labware by Benjamin Hubert Studio

Labware 1Labware 2

I love these simple lighting from Benjamin Hubert Studio! Labwares are mouth blown opal white glasses in a high gloss finish, complimented by hand turned bark topped cork stoppers from Portuguese cork factories.

'Labware designed by Benjamin Hubert for Authentics has won the Blueprint Best New Product award at 100% Design 2009.
The collection is exclusively manufactured and distributed by Authentics and will be available from January 2010.'
- Authentics.

Check out the rest I'm fond of too here!Droplet

Droplet is a blown glass floor lamp manufactured by Innermost.
Dimension: h 850 x d 280 mm.


Dandilight is resin cast floor and pendant lamp with h 1400 x w 450 x d 450mm manufactured by Benjamin Hubert Studio.


Made from resin cast polystyrene beads, Candy is a floor lamp with the height of 260mm x d 110 mm manufactured by Benjamin Hubert Studio.

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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Artisan du Chocolat London- Christmas Collection

This is a wonderful Christmas gift for your love one! Artisan du Chocolat London has a wonderful Christmas chocolate collections that bring out the holiday season nostalgia. I'm envy of those who live in Chelsea, Notting Hill or Selfridges where you can visit their shops there...
Artisan du Chocolat London- Christmas Snow Globes
Christmas Snow Globes.

'A little Christmas retro and collectible kitsch with our chocolate snow Globes Marvellous edible decorations, shake them (not too hard!) and you can hear the caramel, cocoa nibs and biscuit bits inside soon to be eaten. Our globes are made in dark chocolate and decorated in edible silver and gold with a snowy London landscape, Santa sleigh or winter trees. Unfortunately they are too fragile to send but reserve your adorable and delicious kitsch globes to pick up in our Chelsea, Notting Hill or Selfridges shops from Nov 1.'

Artisan du Chocolat London- Winter Chocolate Bird House
Winter Chocolate Bird House.

'Delicate chocolate bird houses with snowy roofs and bright facades filled with chocolate coated pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Winter is a perfect time for long walks in the woods. This inspired us to create these wonderful chocolate bird houses. Unfortunately they are too fragile to send but you can come and pick one up in our Chelsea, Notting Hill or Selfridges shops. Designs may vary so pick up the one you like as the perfect present to attract beautiful winter birds. Out of stock! ~sigh~'

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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Paper Tiger Products- Recycled & Recyable Furniture for Your Home

Paper Tiger Products- Toddlers Feeding Chair 1Paper Tiger Products- Toddlers Feeding Chair 2Paper Tiger Products- Toddlers Feeding Chair 3
Paper Tiger Products- Toddlers Feeding Chair.

Eco-friendly Paper Tiger Products by Australian designer Anthony Dan are flat packs, temporary structures made from recycled and recyclable material. Easily transport because it snap together easily and quickly. 'Taking advantage of the deceptive strength of triangular folding, the designs are engineered to withstand all the rigors of heavy use.'

Paper Tiger choose cardboard and folded translucent plastics as the main material because cardboards work well as a blank canvas for graphics and branding, while translucent plastics in luminous crystalline forms suitable as a impermanent recyclable light fixture.

'Operating as both a design consultancy and a design brand, Paper Tiger works with clients interested in temporary structures and ephemeral experiences, as well as with the design of furniture and lighting for retail, events and exhibitions. The designs have been published both nationally and internationally, and won the 2007 Launch Pad award for Sustainability.
Paper Tiger Products are proudly made in Australia, and the stools are certified by Ecospecifier.'
- Paper Tiger Products.
Paper Tiger Products- Table & Stools
Paper Tiger Products- Table & Stools.

Paper Tiger Products- Stools 1Paper Tiger Products- Stools 2Paper Tiger Products- Stools 3
Paper Tiger Products- Stools.

Paper Tiger Products- Lamp
Paper Tiger Products- Lamp.

Paper Tiger Products- Ceiling
Paper Tiger Products- Ceiling.

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Bivalvia Lamp by Pink Pug Design

Bivalvia Lamp by Pink Pug Design made from b polypropylene material was inspired by the world of marine animals. With shade dimensions of 24 x 36 x 36 cm, base height 35 cm & cable length of 2 m, one can get this subtle lamp from Pink Pug Design Shop.

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Convallaria- the Lamp that Inspired by Nature

Convallaria 1
Convallaria is a collection of lamps from Pink Pug Design made of polyester felt that were inspired by nature. Available in a wide color range from Pink Pug Design Shop at 299,00 zł.

Convallaria 2Convallaria 3
Convallaria 4
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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Lobster & Shelley Chair by Lund & Paarmann

Lobster chair 1
Lobster Chair.

Lobster chair with combination of fabric, leather and wood by Lund & Paarmann. Choose a Lobster stool from Strictly Design to match with it, then you have a perfect comfortable combination.
Lobster chair 2
Lobster 3
Lobster Chair.

Check out the Lund & Paarmann Shelley chair too!Shelley Chair 1Shelley Chair 2Shelley Chair 3
Shelley Chair.

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Trodestol/ Troll Chair from Lund & Paarmann

Troll Chair 1Troll Chair 2
I was searching for designer information on Lobster & Shelley Chair (which i will feature after this post) and I found this on the designer Lund & Paarmann website...Troll Chair/ Trodestol. Troll chair by Oluf Lund & his partner Eva Paarmann looks so cute & fluffy just like a sheep. I bet it is comfortable too! The chair was recently exhibit at the Danish Design Date exhibition, in common Nordic embassies in Berlin. At the Height of 68 cm, 80 cm in width & 85 cm deep, U can find it from Lop-furniture. For further information do go to both designer & manufacturer sites.

Troll Chair 3I got this from Lund & Paarmann site. Counting sheep to sleep tonight & dreaming to get one for christmas.....

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Swarovski Magical Christmas Tree

I was browsing through Swarovski crystal web page and found this lovely figurine! Designed by Eva Maria Reid, this Swarovski Magical Christmas Tree (USD 300) would certainly add a taste to your house-proud friends when you presents this accent as a Christmas gift.

'It glimmers in faceted clear crystal with what appears to be floating stars in Comet Argent Light crystal. The tree top flaunts a shining star in Golden Shadow crystal. Let the enchantment come your way with its magically play of light.'
- Swarovski.

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Tensile Sofa? by Therese Glimskar

Tensile Sofa 1
The Tensile Sofa by Swedish designer Therese Glimskar. Hmmm....but i was wondering does it fit the sofa category? Can this fit 2 persons? But i do love the simple clean cut design + i love the choice of material & the stretchable concept here! Nice work!
Tensile Sofa 2Tensile Sofa 3Tensile Sofa 4
Tensile Sofa 5
a+. therese glimskar via contemporist