Friday, 9 April 2010

Rainbow Stairway

Stairway in Wuppertal, Germany
Photo by FrizzText.

I love what they've done to this staircase. Just imagine u are walking up rainbow, each step would be such a delightful journey! Found these lovely images through The Townhouse, they have all these photos on stairway while searching for idea for their own stairacase. These stairways are the work of art by Horst Glasker, an artist professor in Germany.

Feedback from a reader: now I know these staircases are called 'Holsteiner Treppe'. Thanks!

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a+.  frizztext   via   the townhouse

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Willowlamps...

I just love their work...the Willowlamp series by Sian Eliot and Adam Hoets which come with this mystical aura that I can't resist. These would definitely add elegance to your place!

Faraway Trees Chandeliers.

A graphic 'tree' inspired chandelier design. The ballchain curtains follow the contour of the trees canopy. The weight of the chain causes the branches to droop gently as if mimicking heavy foliage. The idea was inspired from two dimensional tree shapes found on architectural drawings.The lamp uses a uplighter to illuminate the trees canopy without the light source being visible.

Fuschia chandelier with a magenta heart and trailing.

Fuschia chandelier in brass.

Large chandelier inspired by the Fuschia flower form - an inverted red & magenta star with a spray of G4 low voltage lamps spiralling down from the main body of the flower, like stamens.

Rose 'LED' chandelier.

A highly energy efficient disk shaped chandelier with an extruded rose form. It uses 36 replaceable LED lighting chips and uses 17W in total. The chips are concealed via magnetic plates.

Do check out the rest from
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Monday, 5 April 2010

"What it is, it isn't."...

Photos by Lisa Klappe.

What capture me the most is the title of this project: " What it is, it isn't." beside the image of awkward looking cabinet, of course. Then, I realized the text was taken from 'Alice in Wonderland', which is written by Lewis Carroll and this project by Ontwerpduo get its inspiration from it.

What it is, it isn't.
'If I had a world of my own,
everything would be nonsense.
Nothing would be what it is,
because everything would be what it isn't.
And, contrariwise, what it is, it wouldn't be.
And what it wouldn't be, it would.
You see?'
- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.

To describe the work better, these are exact text from Ontwerpduo:
'Objects are how we perceive them to be. Our minds make things what they are and for us this is reality. Think of a branch hanging in the water. We see, with the refraction of light, the branch under the waterline in a different angle. But we know that in reality the shape of this branch is different. We learned how to see the world.

What if there was an instrument which would change the world into something that we find strange? And better, what if this instrument can also change it back?

Does the world really look how we think it is, or does the world look like we want it to be? This question can be asked by looking at this project, with or without this particular instrument.

I worked with the refraction of light as a basic principal for a new form language. I designed a different world, a strange world. In this new world there still is a possibility to go back to the world we know.

'Showing the world for what it isn't, or is it?'

With the instrument it is possible to reshape objects, spaces and architecture.'
Photos by Lisa Klappe.

Photos by Lisa Klappe.

(Click for a clearer view).

Project details:
date:                       06.2008
commissioned by: Ontwerpduo
type:                      limited edition
material:               wood, pewter, polyurethane
dimensions:          instrument 140 x 70 x 70 cm, cupboard 200 x 95 x 50 cm
photo's:                 product, scale model, sketch from lens and product trough lens

a+.  ontwerpduo  
a+.  lisa klappe   via   ricarch

Sunday, 4 April 2010

d°light Huggable by Diana Lin Design

d°light Huggable.

Made from American standard food-safe silicone, d°light Huggable designed by Diana Lin Design, an innovative combination of ambient lighting and cushion would certainly lighten up your living room!

A furry pillow cover wrapped around a series of 12 LED lights embedded within silicone bubbles where it acts as a diffuser for the LED lights. When the warm-white LED lamps lit up, the technology creates a warm and comforting glow through the natural color of the silicone translucent white which represents sunlight.

'The tactile quality of the silicone also mimics the feeling of a living creature, and d°light Huggable almost hugs back as you hold it. Its qualities also absorb body heat, causing it to be warm to the touch. The shape and material of the pillow cover encourages people to touch, hold and bond with d°light Huggable.'
With 4 x 2500 mah AA batteries, d°light Huggable will stay lit continuously for up to 4 hours before slowly dims down.

'The inspiration for the d°light design is sunlight. The comforting rays of the sun not only represent warmth and light but also happiness, joy, playfulness, and life itself. People often take these qualities for granted, however, missing the sunlight only when it is unavailable. The concept embodied in the d°light Huggable is to create a light that captures the essence of sunlight, condensed into something tactile and personal.'

- Diana Lin Design.

d°light Huggable.

Silicone LED Bubbles.

On/ Off Pull Switch.

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