Friday, 16 April 2010

"Dandelion" Wearable Wind Power

Vimeo: Dandelion by Mary Huang.

Oh, this would definitely look so cute on a child! They would certainly love all the swirling and blinking above their head .') (check out the video above.)

Dandelion, designed by Mary Huang in collaboration with Jennyfer Kay is a wearable that captures energy from wind and human movement. Inspired by the theme of climate change, Dandelion which was made with 99% salvaged materials explores the ideas of personal, mobile power generation and kinetics.

'When walking or standing outside on a windy day, the windmills turn. Small individual power generating circuits transfer the rotational energy into usable voltage. In this prototype, the power generated turns on white LEDs, but the energy could be used to power mobile devices or stored for later use. '
- Mary Huang, Rhyme and Reason Creative.
The windmill circuit consists of a dc motor + joule thief + white LEDs.

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

'Ming' Bamboo Glasses by Chen Chun-hao & Huang To-en

'Ming' bamboo spectacles are collaboration between a Chinese designer Chen Chun-hao & a bamboo artist Huang To-en for Yii collection. Yii is a platform conceived by Taiwan Craft Research Institute to promote ECO Arts, the contemporary value and the aesthetic of new Taiwanese craft, striving to enrich the cultural content, environmental awareness and creative industries of Taiwan. 

The 'Ming' are lightweight eyeglasses that borrow the features and silhouette of furniture
from the ming dynasty which is recognized for its elegant and minimalistic design.
They are made entirely from bamboo with a patented hinge design developed
by huang to-en.

Detail of the patented hinge designed by bamboo artist Huang To-en.

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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Walter Raes's 'Tampon Top'

Tampons' halter top anyone? Actually, it is a beautiful piece isn't it? Hey, is not like Walter Raes, the British artist is using any used tampons but even we can't even imagine making anything out of this feminine-hygienic stuff like he does, right?

'Raes’ friends challenged his claims that anything can be fashioned into something you can wear...

“By grouping single tampons together, I created a complex but versatile top,” Raes tells Ecouterre. “The object you shy away from actually becomes beautiful.” And even though the tampon top isn’t made of recycled materials to begin with, it certainly is reusable—as long as you’ve stored it in a sanitary place, that is.'
- ecouterre.
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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Grand Central Table by Sanna Lindström and Sigrid Strömgren

Grand Central folding coffee table (demonstrated here by Sanna) opens out like a New York street map.

You would love this, from a side table, this table could be spread out into a coffee table too! "Grand Central"- is a new expanding table, collaboration between 2 Swedish designers Sanna Lindström and Sigrid Strömgren. The design is inspired by a fold-up subway map. You can view it this week at the Milan Furniture if you'd be going and take a good close-up image for me, would you?

Picture by Martin Eek.

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