Friday, 26 September 2008


ROUSSEAU x INSA 1Sexy is the word to describe whole this...
“Taking the classic retro fantasy of the bubble chair up to date with an illuminating twist”-Rousseau and INSA.

ROUSSEAU x INSA 2 A shared passion for high heels brings together two creative talents, Rousseau and INSA. Check out their first collaborative work at designers block 2008.
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Elegant Outdoor Shade Idea

Outdoor Shade with helium balloons by Gustafson PorterOh, I love the idea of using helium balloons to float shade for an outdoor party. With balloons, it's so so festive! It gave the idea out-loud, "hey, we are having a party here! Come and join us!" Cool, love it!
This outdoor design by Gustafson Porter, a landscape architect and designer of London's Diana Memorial water feature in Hyde Park is on this year's Venice Architectural Biennale (below are few featured in the architectural biennale that i like).

Photographs: David Levene
installation by French architect Phillippe RahmA nude man plays a saw with a violin bow, part of an installation by French architect Phillippe Rahm.

by architect Zaha HadidSculpture by architect Zaha Hadid, one of two bespoke projects at this year's biennale.
display in the Italy PavillionA woman looks at the art on display in the Italy Pavillion.

To understand more on this year's Venice Architectural Biennale, do check out
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Thursday, 25 September 2008


Sha-Do Lamp 1It is so fascinating to look just at the shadow cast by this lamp! This amazing fixture is from Peter Buning, Germany. He design the SHA-DO-lamps which aim is to illuminate the environment through individual shadow pantomimes.
"The creation of the light is as important to the lamp as the design is.
The lamps can be adapted to their environment because of their flexible construction and casts every location in a very special light.."- Peter Buning.
Sha-Do Lamp 2Sha-Do Lamp 3Sha-Do Lamp 4Sha-Do Lamp 5Note from the designer:
The Sha-Do Lamp projects gorgeous shadows across your wall or ceiling. Each lamp produces a shadow, which measures up to three meters in diameter. It can be specially calculated for nearly every model or design and every face. The projection is adjustable in size and direction. Larger projections can be accomplished with multiple lamps.

Virus-lamp 1Virus-lamp 2Note from the designer:
The Virus-lamp is a ball-lamp for wall or ground. It creats a honeycomb-like projection through the small tubes onto the surrounding faces. The spectral filter can be embedded onto an arbitrary position and is available in different colors. The diameter of the ball is approx. 16cm.

Tripes-lampNote from the designer:The Tripes-lamp is a wall or standing-lamp. It creates a tunnel-like projection onto the background. The Tripes-lamp is available in 66 cm and 100 cm diameters.

Ammon-lampNote from the designer:
The Ammon-lamp is available as a wall, ceiling or standing-lamp. By adjusting the individual segments, various forms can be created. Furthermore, the Ammon-lamp can be produced in almost all colors. W=23cm H= approx. 27cm.
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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Baroque Salad Plates

Baroque Salad Plates 1Oh! i love the color used on this baroque salad plate! Warm & rich!
They are carefully hand crafted earthenware, then hand-painted in orange & finished with a glossy glaze. The best: these 8.5 in diameter plates (in set of 4, cost u $34) are dishwasher & microwave safe.

Baroque Salad Plates 2a+. pottery barn

REALLY Flat Sink

1With current trend of flat sink, u still got all the piping underneath no matter how flat the sink gets but Italian company Axolute at FuoriSalone 2oo8 solved the problem by presenting u their patented 'Horizontal Integrated Siphon' technology (plain English, a horizontal drain .'>). Now, u can have your sink real flat!
This stunning polished stainless sink features the HIS system, that replaces the traditional drain pipe usually visible underneath basin. Instead the water flows along the slot of the front of the basin and back into the wall connection.
2a+. axolute design via luxuo

Edison Chandelier

Edison Chandelier 1Back to industrial age.
Around the turn of the century, designers like Adolf Loos were drawn to the austere beauty of industrial light fixtures and adapted them for home interiors. In that spirit, we’ve taken the bare essentials of lighting – wires, sockets and bulbs – and elevated them to a lofty aesthetic. The chandelier can be hung in any configuration to suit any room's decor. Ten fabric-covered cords extend from a circular bronzed ceiling plate. Clear oversized bulbs have visible filaments (included). -Pottery Barn

Edison Chandelier 2Edison Chandelier detailClick for detail view on fabric-covered cords.
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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Hotel Be Angkor (The One Hotel collection)- Must Visit Boutique Hotel o4

Hotel Be AngkorAfter The One Hotel Angkor, i have to write about Hotel Be Angkor, which is located on The Passage in the vibrant Old Market Area of Siem Reap, adjacent to The One Hotel Angkor and just across Linga Bar. The most up and coming corner of Siem Reap, The Passage maintains a serene and intimate vibe – an artsy lane where you can relax with a glass of wine, imbibe an evening cocktail, browse a gallery or relax in the privacy of Angkor’s most unique accommodation.
Above, the facade of the 3-storey height Hotel Be (pronounce like a 'P'), meaning 2 or for the owner it's his, Martin Dishman second hotel after ONE. Once u arrived, u will be greeted by a welcoming reception area.

BE became the perfect solution to the limitations of One.It gave us the opportunity to accommodate families, three adults in one room, two or three couples traveling together etc. And, with a different price structure, it enabled us to appeal to more customers. -Martin Dishman. With no room numbers the hotel gets personal with just three beautifully created design experiences, Saffron, Bamboo & Sephia Rooms.
The Lounge 1The Lounge 2The Lounge with modern designer sofas where u can refresh with a chilled drink or browse the shelves of contemporary Cambodian art and chic gifts.

AHA Restaurant 1AHA Restaurant 2Wine barOn the ground floor, AHA (pronounced “ah-hah”) restaurant and wine bar, a dining concept by Hotel de la Paix. Created by a Khmer-French design team Asma, AHA is a free-flowing space with a 30-metre wooden wave wall, ‘floating’ show kitchen and designer wine display.
Executive Chef Cassandra Zukauskas has shaped an array of ‘small plates’ – many essentially Khmer in inspiration, but also moving further afield. The adventurous will likely desire to try some of the exotic fare, such as Green Mango and Dried Snake Salad, while more restrained gourmands will take pleasure in the Grilled Prawn and Radicchio with Duck Confit. For dessert, highlights include Honeycomb Icecream, Jasmine Rice with Coconut Sorbet, and Sambucca Jelly. The wine selection is similarly exceptional, and guests of Hotel Be Angkor are also welcome to enjoy room service throughout their stay.

Saffron Room 1Saffron Room 2Saffron Room 3The Saffron Room, with natural woods and steel and glass fittings.
Entrance via a steel bridge that spans the second floor of a three-story light filled atrium. Against the backdrop of the sleek modern interiors are the vibrant artwork of Siem Reap-based Filipino artist Loven Ramos with rich and golden saffron hues, from the human mandala in the bedroom to whimsical canvasses scattered throughout the walls of the sitting area. On your balcony overlook the charming walking street of “The Passage”.

Bamboo Room 1Bamboo Room 2Bamboo Room 3The Bamboo Room with natural fibers and materials integrate beautifully with the bold art of Cambodian artist Sopheap Pich, his famed sculptures coax rattan and bamboo into exotic forms that have earned him acclaim as a national art treasure.
Framed drawings of the artist work grace the walls, along with woven textured features throughout the bedroom. A specially designed partition of a 2-dimensional lattice work from swirling tree branches separates the bedroom from sitting area.Cantilevered, the first level of the Bamboo Room (located on BE's third floor) offers a Catalan patio style sitting room and bedroom looking out onto the garden atrium. Above, u have your own private roof terrace with a daybed + beautiful views over town, including the Old Market, trees along the riverbank and stunning sunrises.

Sephia Room 1Sephia Room 2Sephia Room 3The roof terraceThe Sephia Room fill with photographs of Angkorian monuments.
U can enjoy images by John McDermott, hailed as the Ansel Adams of Angkor by the New York Times, in the two-story atrium living area and the intimate bedroom. Stairs lead to your private roof terrace with daybed and sunset views.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The One Hotel Angkor- Must Visit Boutique Hotel o3

The One Hotel Angko facade 1I came upon this hotel after i went for my Cambodia-Siem Reap trip 2 years ago. Frustated from not being able to check on this fabulous place (though i know i can't afford it.'>), i have to be content with just adding it into my MUST VISIT LIST...

The One Hotel, like its name has only ONE room.

Its minimalism approach may be the "dumbest business plan"(-quoted business owner Martin Dishman) for hospitality but people love the concept of enjoying the best for service, luxury and oriental sensuality, i.e. watching CNN from a 32" flat screen tv on your king-size bed + a mobile phone, a laptop & a loaded ipod while owning the roof of the French colonial building all by yourself. U can either indulge yourself in the jacuzzi or enjoy a bamboo-shaded outdoor shower or relax on the Queen-size daybed on this lovely secluded terrace.
Martin Dishman came to Siem Reap in 2oo4 to run Shinta Mani, a small, upscale hotel that also serves as a vocational school. At the end of 2oo4, he open Linga, Cambodia's first gay-friendly bar followed by ONE in April 2oo6 (& Hotel BE later). "ONE just gives Siem Reap another cool dimension,"says Nicholas Downing, Hotel de la Paix's general manager.-Forbes Asia, June 2oo8.

The One Hotel Angko facade 2The One Hotel Angko facade 3The One Hotel Angko facade 4The exterior: a French-colonial architecture.

The One Hotel Angkor interior 1The One Hotel Angkor interior 2The One Hotel Angkor interior 3The One Hotel Angkor interior 4The bedroom with king-size bed, a 32" plasma on the wall, an open wash-basin just behind your bed-head panel.

rain showerHow lovely... a rain shower...

The One Hotel Angkor terrace 1The One Hotel Angkor terrace 2The One Hotel Angkor terrace 3A lovely, breath-taking secluded terrace with a queen-size day bed, open-air jacuzzi & a small table for u to relax & enjoy the street view from this private balcony.
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