Thursday, 15 May 2008

A gift of /Lambda/ -Packaging to die for o1

This makes a beautiful gift.
I can't clearify on the ultra premium extra virgin olive oil part (because i have not been near what more taste this exclusive product) but I definitely agree with it is the most stunning olive oil in the world."to determine purity is to respect nature's values" Speiron Company, is what that makes this beautiful and rare extra virgin olive oil, an award-winning Kritsa region of Crete, Greece.
Considered as the one of the best olive oil in the world, /Lambda/ is produce under the exclusive method of common pressing. To ensure flovour of intense freshness & fruitiness in /Lambda/, the olives are pressed in the maximum of 10 hours after the picking and speiron suggest to consume it in a shortest period possible in order to preserved it from oxidation.

The perfectionist behind the scene: Giorgos Kolliopoulos


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