Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Bold modernist hide-out-Simple Stunning Architecture o3

Lot6, exterior The exterior immediately tells u that this is a private-enclosed place. Lot 6, by David Ponting architecture is a highly crafted response to a challenging urban setting. Visually, the property cladding coldly with zinc & high white walls is a strong contemporary composition of abstract forms but it has a hidden simple yet warm & natural interior space with an asian courtyard garden.

Lot6, in btwn fence wall & interior The ground floor with no solid wall: from the alfresco dining area & lawn towards the interior spaces of kitchen, living & lounge.

Lot6,entrance + living + diningLeft, the entrance: another statement of privacy. Simply clad with white walls. Right, a very clean living with dining & open kitchen that has a whole view of its courtyard.

Lot6,dining & kitchen The dining & the kitchen that receive morning sun from the east. American oak and marble were chosen for their visual and tactile warmth.

Lot6, lounge 1 A more private area: the lounge in between the staircase & the lap pool.

Lot6, lounge 2 The staircase which leads to bedrooms & a library, the lounge & the asian courtyard garden.

Lot6, corridor from master The corridor: from master bedroom.

Lot6, from library From the library: void, the simple vertical partition.

Lot6, common bath Subtle earthy-tone, form & function common bathroom.

Lot6, ground floor Ground floor.

Lot6, first floorFirst floor.
a+. photography by kallan macleod

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