Thursday, 26 June 2008

Justin Couch Table's Evolution

EvolutionAlexander dining table + side tabeIt’s taken a long time, but Jeff and I have finally figured out this here end table. It began way back when I was making my tables and we thought that this kind of look would work well as a whole line, but we needed to simplify a lot of things. So we started with an end table. Very quickly we used the leg shape that I was already using in the dining table and came up with this. -[de]sein
It all started with Justin Couch’s Wilhelm coffee table and Alexander dining table. They are classic furniture with contemporary touches that are made of Baltic birch but with Alexander that makes use of a walnut veneer too.
Wilhelm coffee table and Alexander dining tableAlexander dining table 1Alexander dining table 2Alexander dining table 3 a+. justin couch design via

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