Saturday, 14 June 2008

Planar House- Simple Stunning Architecture o4

Planar House 1I was stunned by THIS! via materialicious & still am. Did u see how the light try to escape squeezing through unsymetrical holes on the perforated sheet & in between gaps of the wall?
Planar House (United States, 2002-2005) design by steven holl architects as simply describe by materialicious is from tilt-up concrete walls and Cor-Ten steel panels. It was meant to house a large contemporary art collection of Great 20th century works by Bruce Nauman, Robert Ryman, Jeff Koons and Jannis Kounellis which includes important video artworks.
Planar House 2Planar House 3Planar House 4Planar House 5Planar House 6Planar House 7Planar House 8Planar House 9'Even where Holl used glass, he played hide-and-seek games, placing perforated sheets of Cor-Ten steel in front of the main entrance. - As the lady of the house explains, 'The house is a vessel for the collection, and it's also become part of the collection''.-Fred Bernstein, The New York Times T: Design Magazine, June, 2007

The architect's sketch that worth mention.'>
Planar House 10

a+. steven holl architects

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