Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Designer Chairs Cocktail Napkins

Designer Chairs Cocktail Napkins SetDesigners would love this.'>
I like the way Avril Loreti, a very creative Canadian describe about her Designer Chairs Cocktail Napkins Set, "Perfect for everyone saving their pennies for the real thing... but just want a taste of the glamour of owning your very own designer chair!"

Mustache towels & handkerchief.Loreti already known for her Mustache towels & handkerchief.

I love these (below) the most among her creative works.
Modern Buildings Cocktail Napkins SeModern Buildings Cocktail Napkins Set.

Blackboard PencilcaseBlackboard Pencilcase.

Many Mixers Cocktail NapkinsMany Mixers Cocktail Napkins.
(note: do click on picture for larger view, tq)
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