Thursday, 18 September 2008

Super Sense Spa

Super Sense Spa 1Completed the end of 2oo7 by design studio KUU, Super Sense Spa is not the kind of super duper interior that would amaze u immediately. Infact, some might thing that this place is too white, too plain, unzen, not architectural & so on but deep down inside, first sight of it makes me calm & want to relax. Maybe it's the lighting, maybe it's the plain whiteness, maybe it's the bareness of the interior that only strengthen by the lines of the staircase railing or maybe it is just because of when walls are thin, they are worked on to give decorative effects with light. When they are deep, they become shelves or form spaces.-Marcus Fairs, dezeen.

Super Sense Spa 2
Walls which is light-fixtures as well.

Super Sense Spa 3
Note the skirting details too!

Super Sense Spa 4
Walls formed spaces...

Super Sense Spa 5a+. kuu world via

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