Thursday, 26 February 2009

Nilufer Tea Set- Inspired by Waterlilies

nilufer tea set 1Designed by Sait Alanyali & inspired by the beauty of waterlilies.

Nilufer Tea Set from Sait Alanyali on Vimeo.

"Problems with the spoon `escaping` under the glass everytime we take the glass from the plate forced us to seek a solution. By putting these chrome finish waterlily petals on top of the glass leaf, the problem was solved and some new functions were created. Like, the petals are closed by the weight of glass and now there is a place for the spoon to rest. The spoon design is inspired by the stamen of the flower. The crystal-cut waterlily petals on the glass is a finishing touch to complete the concept of the set."
-Sait Alanyali.
nilufer tea set 2a+. sait alanyali via via

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