Friday, 6 March 2009

RKNL Furniture Studio- In-style with Clean Lines + Soft Shapes

Salontafel RKNL20 Table 1Salontafel RKNL20 Table 2"RKNL furniture studio - symbiosis of form and foundation."

Clean + straightforward + soft shapes just like the above, Coffee Table 20 or Salontafel RKNL20 Table. This white lacquered table designed by Ronald Knol for Odesi, came with 2 white lacquered discs of different thicknesses with the one on the top giving the impression of floating over the lower support, leaving a gap in between to be filled up with books, remote control or other things that we usually range in a coffee table. At €1380, it is available in square + elongated shape from Odesi.

Sideboard RKNL21 1Sideboard RKNL21 2Sideboard RKNL21 3
Sideboard 21 was conceptualized from the drop of fluid motion, the opposite directions of the curves is in a 3-dimensional S-shaped that gives the cabinet an elegant character. Came in 180 x 40 x 55 (W x D X H) it is priced at €2700.

Small Table 21 1Small Table 21 2Small Table 21 is an elegant + distinctive occasional table.

One Table 1One Table 2Available in 195 x 95 x 74 (D x W x H), One Table is a table with 2 faces: cool + elegant. The long side of the table has a soft silhouette, while the short side looks tougher & almost truncated in form due to material used, which is solid oak with an emphasize on the way the wood grain runs: across the table in 1 direction, looking almost like it was made from 1 whole log.

Besides the 4 collection above, RKNL also makes custom furniture in close cooperation with customers to ensure their clean + straightforward + soft-shapes stye meets their client needs too.
DJ Furniture 1DJ Furniture 2
The DJ Furniture is a variation from Sideboard 21 with 180 x 40 x 55 (W x D x H) in dimension.

Office 1Office 2This is one of RKNL-style furniture for a modern high-management firm with a clear reference for art-deco.

Central TableAnother nice special piece of central table for a client.
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