Monday, 16 March 2009

Ryuji Nakamura's Hechima 4 Chair

Hechima 4 aHechima 4 bMade from paper(vulcanized fibre t2.4) and designed by Ryuji Nakamura, a Tokyo-based architect, Hechima 4 looks light + airy for a chair yet it is a comfortably strong, judging from the way the model relax herself on it. The chair came in 900 x 900 x 750 (W x D x H). Hechima 4s were featured in Ryuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 on year 2oo8 too!
Hechima 4 cHechima 4 dHechima 4 eHechima 4 fHechima 4 gHechima 4 hHechima 4 details.

Ryuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 aRyuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 bRyuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 cRyuji Nakamura Exhibition 2 dYear 2oo8, Ryuji Nakamura Exhibition 2.

Hechima 4 iHechima 4 jThe Hechima.

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