Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Panama House by Marcio Kogan- Simple Stunning Architecture 12

Panama House 1Panama House (above, the house patio with the closed 'brise soleil') is in São Paulo and it is one of the simple box-form design by Marcio Kogan, an architect based in São Paulo.

'The box form is Kogan’s favourite motif – occurs time and again but in carefully nuanced combinations: precisely planed concrete boxes within boxes (a function of security concerns in São Paulo); stoned lined boxes on top of boxes; and timber slatted boxes that open outwards towards a slim-lined lap pool perhaps with no doors to mark inside or outside.

The elegant economy to Kogan’s use of volumes translates to a very real sense of freedom. The result is airy, light-washed spaces that seem barely tethered to the ground, an apt escapist image perhaps for São Paulo’s congested megapolis.'
- Wallpaper.
Panama House 2The main entrance of the house.

Panama House 3The terrace deck with chairs by Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek.

Panama House 4Sculpture by Sergio Camargo.

Panama House 5The deck area on the upper floor.

Panama House 6In the hallway, a sculpture by Amilcar de Castro.

Panama House 7The inner patio with opened 'brise soleil'.

Panama House 8Sofa by Piet Hein Eek for Rosanna Orlandi gallery in Milan in the side facade.

a+. marcio kogan via wallpaper

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