Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Wendell Castle Collection That I Love

Abilene Rocking ChairAbilene Rocking Chair, 2oo8 is a sleek-looking S-shape stainless steel chair which came in 30 1/2 x 52 x 30" sizes.

Seneca Hall Table SilverSeneca Hall Table GoldSeneca Hall Table, year 2oo8 Collection in limited edition of 8 is made from gilded fibreglass either in silver or gold leaves. They came in 132.1cmH x 100.6cmL x 68.6cmW.

Harper Egg ChairHarper Egg Chair, 2oo8 is a polychromed fibreglass chair in 33 1/2"H x 64"W x 41"D.

Low DownLow Down is made from polychromed fibreglass which came in 17"H x 32"W x 51"L.

UlyssesUlysses is a stainless steel plated collection in the size of 14.5" x 35" x 25".

Night on EarthNight on Earth is a 2oo7 production from stainless steel with 40"H x 74 1/2"L x 30 3/4"W in size.

Osborne Coffee TableOsborne Coffee Table, 2oo8 made from polychromed fibreglass which came in size 18 3/4"H x 54"W x 19"D.

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