Monday, 3 August 2009

Deformscape from Faulders Studio

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Named Deformscape by architect Thom Faulders, founder of Faulders Studio, this outdoor extension to a private dwelling is situated in a tightly packed urban neighbourhood in San Francisco. Within limited space this outdoor sculpture garden inherits a large tree where Thom Faulders uses this sole arboreal presence to establish a gravitational pattern of grooves that are focused towards the centroid of the tree.

'This asserts the valued presence of the carbon-absorbing tree and its green canopy overhead, while allowing for a maximum of usable surface area below free of other vegetation. To generate the resultant pattern, a 3-dimensional bulge is formed around the tree, and its distorted wire-grid projected onto a 2-dimensional surface. Taking into account appearance effects created by perspective views from inside, the resultant planar surface appears sink around the tree.'
- Faulders Studio.
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Anonymous said...

Tree will be dead in 6 months from lack of water.

L said...


Anonymous said...

According to the article in Metropolis Magazine, this was made with panels that have gaps which make up the resultant pattern; this tree will receive plenty of water. I like the design, it reminds me of physics class when I had to learn about the theory of relativity and the time-space continuum. BARF.