Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Lonneke Gordijn's Fragile Future II

Fragile Future II 1Fragile Future II 2Fragile Future II 3

Designed by Lonneke Gordijn, 'Fragile Future II is about the amalgamation of nature and technology. In the distant future these two extremes have made a pact to survive. Fragile Future II combines an electronical system with real dandelions in a lightsculpture that is predestined to overgrow a surface.

One module is a visible circuit with four dandelights. This module system is ease to attach to the next one (in seven different ways),twhile the switch-leg will continue. So it is possible to create a composition from just a few, up to 50 modules, according to the space and atmosphere.'
- Design Drift.

Fragile Future II is also a limited installation with a far less fragile electrical system then Fragile Future I. For further information and rates, u can e-mail her at lonneke@designdrift.nl
Fragile Future II 4Fragile Future II 5
Fragile Future I 1Fragile Future I 2A glimpse on Fragile Future II.

a+. lonneke gordijn via design drift

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