Friday, 9 October 2009

Microbiology Museum- Simple Stunning Architecture 18

Microbiology Museum 1

Photograph by Arnaldo Pappalardo.

The Museum of Microbiology at the Institute Butantan, São Paulo, Brazil designed by Architect Marcio Kogan had won the IAB Award for "Cultural Buildings and Museums" 2oo2 and Merit Award for ASBEA- Group of Projects 2oo2. Marcio Kogan was approached by Dr. Isaias Raw with a very limited budget.
The structure of the original museum building has been respected as much as possible with only slats of natural wood on the exterior acted as second skin, while the composition of the facades has been radically changed, to accommodate facilities needed by the museum such as permanent exhibition area, laboratory and auditorium. The permanent exhibition area was made to appear more spacious with large glazed openings that allow natural lighting to fill in the opaque white space while the museum finished contour was defined by adding an entrance esplanade and a backyard with a lattice to match the whole building.
Microbiology Museum 2Microbiology Museum 3
Photograph by Arnaldo Pappalardo.

Microbiology Museum 4Microbiology Museum 5Microbiology Museum 6
Photograph by Arnaldo Pappalardo.

Microbiology Museum 7Microbiology Museum 8
Photograph by Valentina Barreto.

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